3M™ 02286 Rol D/F Dc Pd 4 X3/8-24 Int Part# 7000120499 (5 Ea)

Manufacturer: 3M™
Disc pad provides secure attachment for any 3M Roloc disc or bristle product | Pads come in various diameters and levels of hardness to meet the requirements of many different grinding applications | Disc attachment is quick and easy, increasing productivity | Versatile system works with drills, disc sanders, right angle grinders, and rotary sanders
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3M Roloc Disc Pad optimizes the performance of our Roloc discs and bristle discs by providing the right backup system and a secure attachment for grinding applications. Plus it saves time by eliminating the need to align edges of the disc with the disc pad-the screw aligns the disc, making disc changes quick and easy.