3M™ (12/Ca) 3M(Tm)Firedam 150+ Caulk 10.1 Fl Oz Part# 7000059422 (12 Cq)

Manufacturer: 3M™
Firestop tested up to 3 hours in accordance with ASTM E 814 (UL 1479) and CAN/ULC S115 | Fire resistive joint system tested up to 4 hours in accordance with ASTM E 1966 (UL 2079) | Continuous seal remains pliable and allows for typical pipe movement | Water-based for easy installation, cleanup and disposal | High-solids formula means limited shrinkage | Re-enterable and repairable fire barrier sealant
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Our 3M Fire Barrier Sealant FD 150+ is a gun-grade, latex-based, elastomeric sealant that cures upon exposure to the atmosphere to form a monolithic flexible firestop seal. When properly installed, this sealant helps control the spread of fire, smoke and noxious gasses before, during and after exposure to a fire and exhibits excellent adhesion to a full range of construction substrates.