3M™ 1900 Series Duct Tapeallweather Part# 7010375734 (24 Rl)

Manufacturer: 3M™
THIN DUCT TAPE: For light duty applications | HIGH TACK ADHESIVE: Synthetic rubber adhesive sticks well to many surfaces | EASY TO TEAR BY HAND: Making application quick and simple | MOISTURE RESISTANT: Thanks to polyethylene backing | For industrial/occupational use only. Not for consumer sale or use.
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Product DescriptionThe 3M Value Duct Tape 1900 is made of polyethylene film laminated to cloth with a synthetic rubber adhesive. It resists curling and tears off the roll cleanly for simple maintenance, repair and construction applications. This tape is economically priced to provide a quick solution for simple tasks like marking, labeling, temporary repair, light duty sealing and holding.From the ManufacturerThis tape is effective for labeling when more durability and holding power are needed than offered by paper backed or cellophane tapes. It tears easily from the roll by hand and the cloth scrim helps guide straight horizontal and vertical tears while adding strength. The tape conforms to contoured or slightly irregular surfaces for sealing. Adding cost-effective 3M Value Duct Tape 1900 to every tool box and job site helps fulfill a variety of light duty applications.How to Choose the Right Duct TapeOne of the most important points to think about when choosing a duct tape is how it is going to be used. When it comes to choosing a 3M Duct Tape that meets the need for a particular job, consider the following: Performance Plus and Outdoor Masking Tapes are best in class tapes for indoor/outdoor use, offering clean removal and long term weatherability. Extra Heavy Duty, Heavy Duty, and Multi Purpose duct tapes provide reliable performance for demanding contractor, MRO and industrial job site applications; and General Purpose duct tapes offer cost-effective options for general and lighter duty applications such as bundling, sealing, holding and identifying.Strength, moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, and clean removal impact the effectiveness of any duct tape. Two of three key factors that determine these factors are backing and adhesive. The thicker the backing, the greater tensile strength (the resistance to breaking under tension), moisture and abrasion resistance provided. A rubber-based or synthetic rubber adhesive provides instant stick, a strong bond, and long-lasting hold, even in moist conditions. Lastly, the distinctive cloth scrim, laminated between the backing and the adhesive, adds additional strength and also helps guide straight, horizontal and vertical tearing.One last and often overlooked fact about tapes in general, is that they all need to be stored correctly and they all have a shelf life. Weak adhesion, lifting, curling, and breakage are more often than not, attributable to age or improperly stored tape, as opposed to quality. In all cases, care should be taken to read all product information thoroughly. In particular, the tape's specifications should be weighed against the task at hand to ensure successful, cost-effective outcomes.