3M™ 2229 3-3/4"X10' Mastic Tape Part# 7000043008 (1 Ea)

Manufacturer: 3M™
CONFORMABLE: Easy adhesion and sealing over metals, rubbers, cable insulation, and irregular shapes | INSULATES CONNECTIONS: Rated up to 1000 volts if vinyl or rubber electrical tape is over wrapped | STRONG SEALS: Seals high-voltage cable splice, ducts, cable end seals, and helps protect from dust, soil, and water | SELF-HEALING: Tape has good self healing properties after being cut or punctured | COMPLIANCE: RoHS Compliant | STABILITY: 5-year shelf life (from date of manufacture) | For industrial/occupational use only. Not for consumer sale or use
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Product Description3M Scotch-Seal Tape 2229 is a UV resistant roll with good self healing properties after being cut or punctured. The tacky mastic adhesive of the roll adheres over irregular surfaces to provide excellent moisture resistance. It maintains its stability over a wide temperature range and offers good adhesion to metals, rubbers, synthetic cable insulations and jackets. It withstands temperatures up to 194 F (90 C). RoHS Compliant.From the ManufacturerThis is a 125 mil conformable, durable, tacky mastic with an easy release liner for easy applications over irregular surfaces for excellent moisture resistance. Pack in bulk with 8 per case.