3M™ 23 1-1/2"X30' Scotch Rubber Splicing Ta Part# 7000138529 (20 Rl)

Manufacturer: 3M™
CONFORMABLE: Made with highly conformable ethylene rubber (EPR). | PRIMARY INSULATION USE: Used for primary insulation for cable splice and termination applications up to 69kV (ASTM D4388, Type III). | COMPATIBLE: Compatible with solid dielectric cable insulation. | HIGH HEAT USE: Operating temperature rated to 194 °F (90 °C) with an emergency overload rating to 266 °F (130 °C). | For industrial/occupational use only. Not for consumer sale or use.
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Product DescriptionScotch Rubber Splicing Tape 23 by 3M is used for primary insulation for cable splice and termination applications and is compatible with solid dielectric cable insulation. The premium-grade adhesive features a polyethylene liner backed by self-fusing Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR), making this splicing tape easy to unwind. This thick adhesive is temperature rated to 194 °F (90 °C) with an emergency overload rating to 266 °F (130 °C). To use, stretch tape and apply in successive half-lapped layers. Continue this process throughout the entire application until the build-up produces a uniform winding. This tape is halogen-free and has a shelf life of 5 years. For wire splicing and insulation, applications depend on Scotch Rubber Splicing Tape 23. Scotch Rubber Splicing Tape 23 is RoHS and Prop 65 compliant and self-certified to ASTM D4388, Type III up to 69 kV.From the ManufacturerScotch® Rubber Splicing Tape 23 is a high-insulating tape for splicing and terminating medium voltage cables. This self-amalgamating tape creates a secure, tight bond by fusing to itself. Highly conformable Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) backing will wrap tightly over most profiles, even irregular and awkward shapes. Tape can be stretched up to 100 percent to give void-free, moisture-resistant insulation. Physical and electrical properties are unaffected by the degree of stretch.This 30-mil thick, black electrician’s tape delivers primary electrical insulation for cable jointing and terminating up to 69kV with up to a 194°F (90°C) continuous operating temperature and 266°F (130°C) emergency overload temperature. It also offers primary insulation for building stress cones on cables up to 35 kV.For more than a century, 3M™ has applied innovation and technology to improving our customers’ lives and supporting their business goals. Today the company, from its headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, serves industrial and commercial customers and consumers in nearly 200 countries. 3M™ electrical products for industrial, commercial and residential construction and maintenance include electrical insulators, connectors, splices, terminations, terminals, fire-resistant tapes, cable ties, portable labelers, and diagnostic and detection products. The 3M™ brand, across thousands of products, represents consistency, superior quality, and value.