3M™ 3M Heat Shrink Thin Walltubing Fp-301-1/8 X100' Part# 7100029984 (3 Rl)

Manufacturer: 3M™
Provides effective protection in military or industrial environments with its array of electrical, physical and chemical characteristics | Relieves strain on joints, terminals and connections to ensure a longer usable life | Shrink-fit design provides a moisture, fire and abrasion barrier for lightweight wire harnesses, packaged components and bundled wires | Heat shrink tubing has an expanded I.D. of 1/8 in | Comes in a 100-ft spool for convenience
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Ensure a precise fit when you're insulating wires with this 3M FP-301 Heat Shrink Tubing that sports a 2:1 shrink ratio. Each 100-ft spool provides plenty of flame-retardant polyolefin tubing to seal wires against moisture, strain, abrasions and debris. Use it for general-purpose, industrial or military wiring to connect sensitive components, cover up terminations or coat long lengths of wire.