3M™ 3M S/B 3X1/4X3/8048011-14915 Part# 7000120713 (1 Ea)

Manufacturer: 3M™
Sale Unit: PAD | Brand: 3M | Trade Name: Roloc | Maximum RPM: 25,000 | Diameter: 1 in
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3M Roloc 14915 roloc+ button disc pad set is another superb product from 3M. Most of the part numbers in this category have a maximum RPM. The maximum RPM is designated for both safety and as the upper limit for performance. In this case the maximum RPM is 25,000. When buying power tools or abrasive accessories pay close attention to the diameter of the tool for supported diameters of accessories and abrasives. This SKU has a 1 in diameter. The attachment point between your power tool and pad is referred to as the attachment type, and is critical to select the proper type. This Item has been designed with a(n) Shank attachment. Generally, abrasive backup pads come with surfaces that accept Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) backed abrasives, Hook & Loop backed abrasives or abrasives that offer mechanical quick change capability. Make sure to buy the properly backed abrasives to match this Roloc+ Button pad.