3M™ Dl-Lck Reclosable Fastener 250 1"X50Yd Part# 7000001960 (2 Rl)

Manufacturer: 3M™
INSTANT ATTACHMENT WITHOUT HOLES: No drilling holes or hassling with screws, nut and bolts eliminating holes reduces potential for corrosion or weak spots | STRONG & SECURE: 5X stronger than traditional hook and loop, the 3M reclosable fasteners click together with an audible "snap" for your confidence in secure attachment | SMOOTH AESTHETICS: Attachment with the 3M VHB tape technology eliminates any visible mechanical fasteners, creates a sleeker design, and improves the final look of your project | OPEN & CLOSE WITH EASE: Designed for opening and closing up to 1,000 times | IDEAL FOR REMOVABLE COMPONENTS: RV and boat accessories (access panels, headliners, interior panels, blinds, dashboards), guitar pedal boards, surveillance cameras, drone accessories (battery packs, strobe lights), power strips, motorcycle aftermarket components sensors, lighting, devices, keyboards, electronics, monitors, access panels, POS displays, and more | HOW TO APPLY: Just peel and stick a piece of 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener to each of the two clean surfaces you want to attach and then your two surfaces can easily be attached by pressing the 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener together
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3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners are used extensively in transportation, electronics, business equipment, machinery, medical, and sign and display markets They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications including, attaching signs, cushions, enclosure and access panels, banners, doors, adjustable shelving, vehicle ceiling panels, furniture seats and backs, and much more As a general rule, four square inches of fastener area per pound of static tensile or shear load to be supported (4in2 and lb) is suggested as a starting point for evaluation More or less area may be needed depending on specific conditions or end use applications Do not use too much of the reclosable fastener or it will be extremely challenging to separate the two parts Pry off with a screwdriver if necessary Customer is solely responsible for evaluating the product and determining whether it is appropriate and suitable for customer’s application