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In 1988, ABB started its business on power generation, transmission and distribution, industrial automation, robotics, and electric transportation. Next, in 1989, the company acquired nearly 40 companies for business growth.

Moreover, ABB is a leader in producing power and automation technologies that enable customers to improve performance and lower environmental impacts. However, this is a pioneering technology leader in producing products for digital industries.

The company is specialized in ABB Motors and generators, ABB controller, marine vessels, turbocharging, transformers, and semiconductors. Also, it is popular in the production of control rooms, automation, smart buildings, technology, energy, measurement & analytics, utilities, E-mobility, and other divisions.

PartsXP supplies you all these products such as ABB lighting parts, ABB meters, ABB wires, ABB cables, and many more items. Same-day shipping available for in-stock items.

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ABB 12644 Enclosure, Gray, Clear Cover, MS116

Molded Plastic Enclosure, Gray, Clear Cover, IP55. For use with Type MS116 MMP.

ABB 12752 Enclosure, Gray, Clear Cover, MS116

Molded Plastic Enclosure, Gray, Clear Cover, IP65.

ABB 1SAP111100R0270 TB511-ETH:AC500, Terminal Base, 1 Slot

TB511-ETH:AC500,Terminal Base, 1 Slot ETHERNET, 24VDC, Screw Terminals

ABB 1SAP120600R0071 PM554-TP-ETH:AC500, Prog.Logic Controller

PM554-TP-ETH, Processor Module, 128 kB Memory, 8 DI, 6 DO-T, 24 VDC, Onboard Ethernet, With Pluggable I/O Terminal Blocks3

ABB 1SAP120900R0071 PM564-TP-ETH:AC500, Prog.Logic Controller

PM564-TP-ETH:AC500, Programmable Logic Controller, 128kB, 6DI/6DO-T/2AI/1AO, 24VDC, 1xRS485,2xOption Slot

ABB 1SAP130300R0271 PM573-ETH:AC500, Prog.Logic Contr. 512kB

PM573-ETH:AC500, Programmable Logic Controller 512kB 24VDC, ETHERNET, 2xRS232/485, FBP SD-Card Slot, LCD Display