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ABUS offers various safety and security products that aim's to protect you and your family as well as everything you hold close. ABUS operates worldwide and named itself as a strong and independent group for security.

August Bremicker und Söhne KG (ABUS) is a German manufacturer of preventive security technology products. The company began its operation in 1924 with the manufacturing of ABUS padlocks. Over the years, its product line increased substantially that include video surveillance systems, smoke alarms, alarm systems, bike & boat security products, and locking systems.

Its locking products include ABUS combination lock, ABUS cable lock, ABUS shackle lock, and so on. If you are looking to buy these products, simply visit our website and make your order. We will provide you doorstep delivery for your order. Therefore, don't hesitate to buy it at our PartsXP store.

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Abus 00067 6' Nylon-Coated Braided Steel Cable and Weatherproof Padlock Set

Steel Braided 6’ Cable and weatherproof padlock set

Abus 00298 B835 | Safety REDBOXâ„¢

Group Lockout Procedures for Lockouts of Large Machinery or Plants with Many Different Access Points and Maintenance Being Carried Out by Numerous People

Abus 00348 6ft Long Universal Lockout Cable.

5/32 Inch Dia, 6ft Long Universal Lockout Cable.

Abus 00770 2' Maximum Square Chain w/ Sleeve, Aluminum Alloy Padlock Set

2’ Maximum Square Chain w/Sleeve and aluminum alloy padlock set

Abus 01481 140/20 Stainless Steel 4-3/4" Hasp

140/20 Stainless Steel 4-3/4" Hasp

Abus 06110 Brass Weatherproof Cover, Yellow

Solid Brass Weatherproof Cover, Yellow