Air Wick C-Airwick Met Disp Rfl6.17Oz Lav/Cham Part# Rac77961Ct (6 Ea)

Manufacturer: AIR WICK
Lavender and chamomile scents delight your employees and guests | Odor-neutralizing spray removes bad smells and prevents them from returning | Long-lasting design provides up to 60 days of continuous fragrance | Perfect for hotels, offices, healthcare facilities, restrooms and more | Use in Air Wick Freshmatic automatic dispensers (sold separately)
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Air Wick Freshmatic automatic air freshener spray refills work with the air freshener dispenser are designed to add a long-lasting, time-release fresh fragrance to any bedroom, bathroom, hallways, kitchens, living rooms, dens or office spaces. This features a characterful fragrance of aromatic Lavender essence rounded off with gentle Chamomile and precious woods. This automatic air freshener spray refill is simple to use: just insert it into the air freshener dispenser. When the spray runs out, you can choose to replace it with the same fragrance or a different one.