Alemite 1/4"Nptf(M) Automatic Pr Part# 43570-A2 (1 Ea)

Manufacturer: ALEMITE
Adjustable knob controls lubricant flow | Tapered metering pin attached to unit piston ensures uniform flow | Refillable through standard hydraulic grease fitting | Includes three variable pressure springs | Provides extended pressurized Lubrication while bearings are in motion
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DescriptionAlemite 43570-A2 is an automatic pressure cup with 1.75 oz. Capacity, 4.85 in. Overall Length, 2.62 in. Diameter and connection thread 1/4 in. Nptf (M). the package includes three Springs - standard, Heavy and extra-heavy tension (color coded). the pressure ratings unsing the different springs are as follows: with the extra Heavy spring (black color)- 6.6 psi (empty) and 14.1 psi full; with the heavy spring (Green color)- 3.9 psi (empty) and 8.6 psi (full); with the standard Spring (orange color) - 3.1 psi (empty) and 6.6 psi (full). the automatic pressure cup weighs 1.4 lb. Alemite spring driven lubricators are a proven and simple method to deliver lubrication. Alemite single point lubricators provide reliable lubrication for single points requiring constant lubrication. Available in grease or oil models, these lubricators are self-contained and adjustable and are especially useful for remote or difficult to access lubrication points.