Alemite Multi-Pressure Bucket Pu Part# 7149-A4 (1 Ea)

Manufacturer: ALEMITE
Multi-pressure bucket pump for use with oil | Three-position lever for adjusting to lubricant type and operating conditions | 3/8" female NPTF threaded outlet | 5 gallon capacity and 1/3 oz. oil delivery per pump stroke | Variable pressure range of 2,500 to 5,000 psi
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Oil and grease guns are handheld tools that inject lubricant (dispensed from the barrel or cylinder cartridge) into metal mechanical assemblies. Electric and air-powered grease guns can dispense large volumes of lubricant in commercial applications, while battery-powered (cordless) grease guns are more suitable for mobile and remote applications. Manual grease guns (lever, pistol-grip, screw-type, push-type, and suction) vary in duty and have either a rigid or flexible hose extension for attaching nozzles or a nozzle with coupler for standard grease fittings. Oil and grease guns are used in a broad variety of applications including vehicles of all types, construction equipment, factory and agricultural machinery, and aeronautics, among others.Alemite manufactures lubrication and fluid handling systems and components. The company, founded in 1918, is headquartered in Fort Mill, SC.