Allegro Plastic Venturi Blower -Large Part# 9518-18 (1 Ea)

Manufacturer: ALLEGRO
Lightweight, rugged, dent proof, corrosion resistant, anti-static, conductive Venturi cone made of Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) recyclable plastic | Casted aluminum inlet housing | 1 to 1 ½” hose with “crows foot” connection recommended | Multiple inlet ports | Size Large
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The Plastic Venturi Blower is a perfect solution to moving air in refineries, utility and power plants, shipyards, paper and pulp plants, the marine and steel industry and manholes. Anywhere where fumes may be poisonous, explosive or hazardous from process towers, tanks, large pipes or confined space need to be removed. Can be used to cool workers in elevated temperature conditions or heavy equipment. Our Plastic Venturi Blowers help to create a safe, healthy working environment leading to greater efficiency and productivity. Welding fumes, hot air, gases and smoke can all be removed quickly and easily.