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ATC (Automatic Timing & Controls)

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ATC (Automatic Timing & Controls) 366C-400-Q-30-PX Long-Ranger Computing Counter

Counter; Long-Ranger Computing, 120V AC, Panel Mount, Series 366C High Visibility Green LCD Display, Max Count Rate: 1000 per Minute, Rated NEMA 1, NEMA 12, H × W × D: 2.83" × 2.83" × 5.31"

ATC (Automatic Timing & Controls) TDF-120-AKA-30M 8 Pin, Timing Relay, DPDT, 120V Coil

8 Pin, Timing Relay, 250V Rated, 10 Amp, DPDT, 120V Coil, TDF Series, Range: 18 sec to 30 mins. Repeat Cycle-Off Time First Relay. Settings for Off Time and On Time. Knob Adjustable. Repeat Cycle, Independent On & Off, Transient Protected.

ATC (Automatic Timing & Controls) TDU-120-AKA 11 Pin, Timing Relay, SPDT, 120V Coil

11 Pin, Timing Relay, 250V Rated, 10 Amp, SPDT, 120V Coil, TDU Series, 4 Time Ranges: 0.15 Seconds - 64 Minutes. Knob Adjustable. 6 Modes of Operation: Interval, On-Delay, Off-Delay, Single Shot, Flasher-Off First and Flasher-On First. Jumper Selectable Range and Mode. High Repeat Accuracy.

ATC (Automatic Timing & Controls) UPA-100 Voltage Alert Relay

Control Panel Voltage Alert Relay. 40 - 750V AC / 30 - 1000V DC. NEMA 4X. Temperature, Ambient: -20 to +55 Degrees Celcius. Opening Size: 1-11/16".