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cree connected lED bulb review

Cree Connected LED bulb is the right smart bulb for the right price. The new Cree-connected smart bulb adds in a Zigbee radio. If you connect the light with a control hub, then you will be able to turn it on and off remotely and schedule automated lighting changes. If you want to know the review of the Cree Connected smart bulb, check out this article. Here, we have updated Cree Connected bulb review on design, features, performance, usability and so on.

Cree Connected LED Bulb Review

To get the Cree LEDs smart features, you have to pair your bulb with a control hub that can translate its Zigbee signal into WiFi. Cree Connected LED bulb came out the gate trumpeting wink support at launch like the GE Link bulb.

Automating experience is the same on all platforms. There are no problems found regarding pairing and controlling while testing on multiple platforms. Regardless of the platform, you will be able to turn the bulb on and off remotely. Moreover, the bulb will be paired easily with whatever platform you're using. Wink and SmartThings platforms both have dedicated pairing instructions and settings for this Cree Connected LED light in the application.

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cree lighting 2700K a19 lED lamp

Cree LED Performance and Usability

Like a light bulb, the Cree LED is the perfect decent. You could buy this smart bulb, even if you don't own a hub and plan on buying. Use the Cree Connected bulb as a plain dumb bulb. With light's dimming capabilities, you can use the most part without a hub.

The 4Flow LED that the Cree Connected LED is modeled after worked very well with the dimmer switches. And, capable of dialing the light up and down without buzz or flicker.

Cree Connected bulb comes with smart dimming mechanisms. Hence, you can try and dim it using a dimmer switch. However, the two dimming mechanisms which are offered in-app will clash and causing moderate to severe buzz as well as flicker.

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cree lighting 12W 120V dimmable lED lamp

Cree is still printing instructions related to pairing right on the packaging with the Wink. However, pairing with the wink app is an easy process. Just tell the app you want to add a Cree Connected LED to your setup, then turn the bulb on when it tells you to. Our first impression is good on pairing the bulb. It doesn't take much time than a minute from start to finish, that's a great result.

One more thing, you will need to update the hub to the newest firmware before adding Cree bulb to the setup. While updating, it may take several attempts on 3 different wifi networks before getting the final update to install correctly. Once the Wink hub is up to date and light bulbs are connected, the app experience is good. Basic control of the bulb involves just a tap on it to turn on/ off, swipe left or right to dim it up or down.

Wink's Robots automation feature is also pretty which does a perfect job of walking you through the process. You will be able to set the light to turn on or off when certain conditions are met such as arriving at home, triggering a motion sensor, etc. Finally, the Robot automation feature is designed and worked perfectly as far as bulbs are concerned.  

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cree lighting type iV lED area light

Design and Controlling

Cree 60 watts equivalent bulb is rated for up to 25,000 hours of use. This Cree Connected LED smart bulb looks pretty much like a standard light bulb. Moreover, this bulb has a maximum of 815 lumens, while GE Link has a maximum brightness of 800 lumens. Both of these two lights produce a very pleasant shade of white all around. Even in the lampshade also, the Cree LED has a more ambient glow.

Controlling the Cree LED from your mobile through the Wink app is simple. You have to leave the power switch on the light turned on. Although, you can turn off/ on the light quickly by turning it on or by tapping on its icon in the Wink application. Moreover, the Wink supports you to view all of your lights individually or together in groups of your choosing.

In the additional menu, an activity log shows you the light's information when and where they are turned on. You can put the schedule for your lights which is helpful when you want them to turn on automatically like when you wake up, after you leave a room, etc.

cree lighting lED street light


You will need a third-party hub to control the Cree Connected bulbs, but you'll have a good performing options at this point of view. Price is also less. These LED bulbs will perform well even when you are not at home. After seeing this Cree Connected LED bulb review, we can conclude this is the smart bulb at strong ease of use and a low price point.

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