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cree cr 14 installation

Cree CR series Indoor Lighting is engineered to deliver unrivaled performance and efficiency. The CR Series LED architectural troffer delivers up to 5000 lumens of 90 plus CR light while achieving up to 130 lumens per watt. CR 14 is ideal for LED architectural lighting applications and these troffers are available in a wide variety of color temperatures. Are you looking to know how to install CR14 LED architectural troffer? Find the specific instructions and process for Cree CR14 installation.

Cree CR 14 Installation Procedure

With SmartCast Technology, the CR series will provide a combination of extreme energy productivity and a more personalized light experience that is so intuitive and simple.

Safety Instructions

You should always follow some basic safety precautions when using electrical equipment.

  • Initially, turn the power supply off before installation to avoid electrical shocks.
  • This luminaire should be installed in accordance with the NEC or your local electrical code. If you are not familiar with the NEC or local codes, it's better to consult a qualified electrician.
  • Please do not handle the energized module with your wet hands or when standing on damp/ wet surfaces or in water.
  • Ensure that is suitable for damp locations.
  • It will be able to access the above ceiling. Don't install insulation within 3 inches of any part of the luminaire.
  • Suitable for suspended ceilings.

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Cree CR14 Installation

1. Unpack the CR14 troffer from its delivered container.

2. You will get 4 T-Bar clips in the package, Install these four T-Bar clips included with the luminaire. These are located in a pre-pack fastened to the luminaire junction box.

3. Now, you have to place the Cree CRs troffer into the T-Bar ceiling panel. Make sure T-Bar clips are attached to the T-Bar.

4. Next, remove the access plate from the junction box. With the help of a screwdriver blade, you can remove appropriate knockout from the access plate door to route the input conduit.

5. Give connections from input conduit to access plate as per wiring instructions. You can check the electrical connections section in the manual. Push all electrical wires back into the junction box.

6. Remove the "Notice" label covering the socket located in the battery compartment and insert the plug from the battery pack into the socket.

7. Finally, re-install the access plate which was removed before.

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Electrical Connections

Now, we will have a look at electrical connections.

Lutron Ecosystem Dimming:

  • Connect the black lead to switched hot.
  • Connect the read lead to un-switched hot.
  • Give the connection from white lead to the neutral.
  • Connect green lead to the ground.
  • Make the connection from violet lead to the Lutron ecosystem dimming control.
  • You can connect a white or violet lead to the Lutron ecosystem dimming control.

Step Dimming:

  • Connect the black lead to switched hot 1 (S1)).
  • Give a connection from black lead to switched hot 2 (S2).
  • Connect white lead to neutral, read lead to un-switched hot, and green lead to the ground.

0-10V Dimming

  • The connection has to be made from black lead to switched hot.
  • Connect the red lead to the un-switched hot.
  • Connect green lead to the ground.
  • You have to make the connection between violet lead to the supply positive dimming.
  • Connect grey lead to the supply negative dimming.

You should not connect two separate phases of the line voltage to the input of the CR series LED light engines. If you connect two different phases, then the LED driver will be damaged and not covered by the warranty. Ensure that the AC line inputs be connected to the same phase of line voltage. If there is no need for the step dimming, you have to combine black switched hot 1 (S1) and black switched hot 2 (S2) together.

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Battery Test

The CR 14 may only enable battery testing when the battery is fully charged depending on the configuration. You can start the battery test when the LED indicator on the Cree CR14 shows fully charged. Two ways to test the battery are:

1. Using the push-button switch

2. Shining a bright light on the test button optical sensor

If you press and hold the push button switch for less than five seconds, then CR14 starts a monthly test of 30 seconds duration. If you press and hold it for more than 5 seconds, initiates a yearly test of 90 minutes duration.

Shine a bright light on the optical sensor of the CR14. If you shine the light for 1 to 5 seconds, then the monthly test will start. You need to shine the light for a minimum of five seconds for the annual test.

To know the proper performance during battery test. you have to observe the light and LED indicators. During the test, you should observe that the light as below:

  • Transitions rapidly from full brightness to nearly off.
  • Increases illumination gradually until it reaches the initial emergency lighting level.

Once the battery test is started, CR14 performs the test automatically until it either completes the test or detects an error condition.

Final Words

We hope this guide on Cree CR 14 installation has helped you to make your task easier. You will get more instructions or details on Cree CR14 LED Architectural troffer installation in your manufacturer’s manual. If you need Cree products, you can purchase them from PartsXP store online.

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