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We all know that LEDs are capable of longer lives, don't create much heat and use less energy. Lighting technology keeps on changing, and this change has been more evident in the last few years as many companies are trying to manufacture more efficient light sources for the market. However, LEDs are divided into many subcategories. In these subcategories, Cree and COB are the two most popular LEDs currently in the market. As these two lighting technologies are different from each other, it's better to understand Cree LED vs COB LED. It may help you to choose the right one for your needs.

Cree LED vs COB LED - Differences

As Cree and COB LEDs are more popular, many people are not able to tell apart them and choose randomly. To help you, here, we differentiate Cree and COB LEDs.

Before going to start the difference between Cree and COB LEDs, we know what is Cree LED and what is COB LED.

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What are Cree LEDs?

Cree LEDs are simply LED lights that use a Cree chip. These chips will give you more lifetime, high-performance output and stability. A Cree chip looks like a square chip that is divided into rectangles. Cree LED with a Cree chip can provide 370 lumens of light so it was more popular. You can find these Cree chips in emergency lights, vehicle manufacturers, portable lighting and indoor & outdoor lighting.

What are COB LEDs?

COB LEDs are Chip on Board LEDs. These are manufactured with multiple diodes and each diode has its own chip that controls it. The diodes and chips are closed together on a single panel in the LED which produces a single light source. It is excellent for light bright. If you place one colored peg on the board, then you will get a small source of light. To get a panel of light, you have to plug in multiple pegs.

Differences between Cree and COB LEDs

Physical Appearance

The major difference between these lights is their physical appearance. The Cree LED lights are larger in size and have a PCB area that is wider than their Chip on Board counterpart.

To see, there would be a small design change but it has a lot of differences in functionalities. While using these LEDs, both produce a lot of heat because of the technology/ mechanism behind them. If this heat is not dispersed properly. it will reduce the lifespan of the light. Wider and bigger lights can dissipate more heat into the surroundings so it lasts longer.

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Quality of Light Produced

One other point of difference between the Cree and COB lightening systems is the quality of light that they produce.

Even though they are both high-end LED solutions, their light quality is not the same.

COB lighting system uses an integrated style scheme meaning it is an area light source and hence produces a large visual angle. It is easy to change and reduce the loss of refraction light with an integrated style feature in COB.

While Cree LED is made up of many distinct units stuck on the PCB plate. This also has many advantages including uniform luminance.

Circuit Design - COB & Cree LEDs

When it comes to circuit design, the COB system has built with nine diodes or more. They also include one circuit and two contacts. And, this is irrespective of the fact that the number of diodes may differ.

Because of the simple circuit design, the COB light appears as a panel. On the other hand, the Cree lighting system looks like a stack of smaller lights. However, there are numerous channels for modifications that are needed to produce the color-changing outcome.

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Energy Usage

In the terms of energy usage, check the difference b/w Cree LED and COB LED.

The COB LED has higher heat efficiency and an enhanced lumen or watt ratios. The ceramic substrate and design of the COB lighting system are highly implicated in this.

Prior to LED, long-lasting technology such as floodlights and spotlights was not popular. This is because multiple LED sources are needed to give that type of output.

COB LED chips use a lesser amount of energy to yield lumens of great amount.


Final Words

Both lights are manufactured with some of the most cutting-edge technologies in the market, As we see, each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Despite this, most people prefer Cree LED because it is thought to be superior to COB. Despite the fact that both have the capacity to provide you with enough light that you require, Moreover, Cree will last far longer than the COB. Hope, our guide on Cree LED vs COB LED will help you while buying a new LED.

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