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How to Setup Cree SmartCast ? - PartsXP

how to setup cree smartcast

Cree SmartCast technology provides essential lighting control without any extra design, installation, and setup time typical of traditional lighting systems. This guide will show you how to setup Cree SmartCast with configuration tool? So, you can see how easy it is to deploy.

Cree SmartCast Technology Deployment Guide

To link sensors, fixtures, and control into a connected and responsive system, the SmartCast technology uses a network of wireless radio signals. Sensors are built directly into the fixtures as well as the whole system comes to life. Also, connects itself together with one touch of the SmartCast technology commissioning tool.

One Button Setup

Once you completed the SmartCast technology luminaires and switches installation and wired, you have to start the OneButton setup process by using the configuration tool. This setup established a network for all devices within range. A network can comprise up to 250 devices. The network includes devices in different rooms, buildings, and floors within the range.

After completion of network forming, the onebutton setup organizes individual devices into groups depends on the space layout. The groups are divided based on the location such as conference room devices comes under one group, corridor devices under one group, etc. But all these groups are part of the same SmartCast network.

Generally, some Cree lighting groups are maintained manually by dimmers and switches, and others are controlled by motion sensors. In SmartCast technology installation, these are called occupancy groups and switch groups which onebutton setup generates automatically.

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Planning OneButton SetUp

Before you start onebutton setup, you should plan how the networks will deploy. Make sure to consider the use of spaces and what devices will be grouped together when you want to plan SmartCast networks. Remember that devices in various networks can't group. You must follow installation instructions while installing and connecting all these devices. Devices should receive constant and unswitched AC power. All prior occupancy sensors and traditional switches or dimmers must bypass or remove.

If a device a ready for onebutton setup, you can see two blick sequence on the status LED. During the setup process, the status of LEDs will transition through different modes until all devices are arranged into their normal operating mode. The status of LED automatically blinks on luminaires. On switches, the status LED will blink when you press the button. You can refer to the Cree Controls series installation instructions for details regarding location.

Network size guidelines:

1 Blink - Set up and in normal operation

2 Blinks - Ready for Onebutton setup

3 Blinks - OneButton Setup in process

4 Blinks - Select mode

5 Blinks, Solid or Off - Indicates error. You have to contact customer service or refer to the manual.

Multiple Networks SetUp

When you need to form a network with onebutton setup, all they are power on, in range, and not in the existed network. Once formed the network, should not be added to other networks which are formed by subsequent setups. When you setup more than one SmartCast technology network, each one should be setup one at a time. There are two ways for network-by-network deployment.

  • Install the first network, commission the first network then install the second one and commission the second network.
  • Install all fixtures for all networks and connect circuit breakers to power and setup one network at a time.

Performance Considerations

Network size and group size

While designing this technology for networks with up to 250 devices and groups with 100 devices, you may achieve the optimal balance of speed, responsiveness, and network size when comprising up to 100 to 125 devices. So, check the network size guidelines here and get an idea of how many networks you can setup for your project.

Large (over 150 devices)


  • Fast network selection from Configuration Tool.
  • Fewer networks to the commission.


  • Longer response times to setting or group changes.
  • Configuration Tool takes more time to reconnect to an existing network.
  • More devices will be affected during any change.

Medium (50 to 150)

It can get the best balance between performance, responsiveness, and configuration tool rediscovery.

Small (below 50)


  • Less devices affected during changes.
  • Fast network selection.
  • Quick response time.


  • It is not feasible for large open areas with many devices.
  • It can cause network selection from the Configuration Tool to be slow.
  • More steps are required for a large space setup.

Physical network constraints

SmartCast networks are similar to other wireless networks. Distance and obstructions between devices can decrease speed and responsiveness. So, check the guidelines to plan on physical obstructions.


If many devices are located closely within 30 feet of each other, they can be considered as tightly grouped. More distance between devices or groups of devices affect available communication paths as well as signal strength. Also, should be broken into multiple networks with each cluster as a network.

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Internal walls

Internal walls can weaken or attenuate depends on their material. Limit networks up to 3 or below three internal walls between device and configuration tool. Keep the configuration tool centrally located in the space during onebutton setup. You should avoid crossing any solid or metal walls within a network.

External walls

You have to limit the network setup to within external walls. When it crossed the boundaries, create multiple networks. Keep the configuration tool in the center during setup.

Performing OneButton Setup

You have to begin by counting the devices included in the network. Make sure they are powered on. Although, fixtures have to be at full brightness and switches must flash twice on their LED status when the button is pressed. Power on the SmartCast technology configuration tool and allow it to search for existing networks. Be sure, one configuration tool operated at a time.

If no existing networks are found, you have to press OK to start setup. When it discovers any existing networks, the tool will give the option to edit existing or setup new. Now, press OK on the configuration tool. As fixtures are identified and added to the new SmartCast technology network, they will dim down. The status LED on all devices in the system will start appearing in a three-blink sequence.

You have to compare the number of devices found and reported on the tool with the previously counted devices as onebutton setup adds fixtures and switches to the network.

All fixtures that are part of the network will turn off during daylight harvesting calibration. The tool indicates when lights are supposed to be off. If any fixtures stay at full brightness for the whole setup process, consider that are not part of the newly created network. However, onebutton setup will continue all available devices. Once the configuration tool indicates that the setup process is completed, you can attempt the following troubleshooting actions.

Cree SmartCast Troubleshooting

All devices were not found

Status LED is blinking two times - It may be because of devices missed the join process. You have to connect the configuration tool to the existing network, if not connected. Also, add new devices from the advanced menu.

Status LED is blinking three/ four times - Device needs to be reset or it didn't complete the onebutton setup process.

Too many devices were found

The unintended device was found during Onebutton setup - More devices powered than expected and in range with their LED is blinking two times. You have to use the reset device from the advanced menu to reset the extra devices on the network.

SmartCast Technology Configuration Tool can't find all network devices

Rediscover devices won't find - For this, your configuration tools have to be centrally located. So, relocate to the network's center and select "Rediscover devices".

Missing devices - The device might be non-responsive. Verify the non-powered devices.

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Verifying Onebutton Setup

Finally, to complete the Onebutton setup process, you should test the spaces for proper grouping and operation. To perform this task, you can refer to the tips in the owner's Cree SmartCast Technology deployment guide.

Final Words:-

Our blog on how to setup Cree SmartCast will help you to save time. As the Cree configuration tool is used to set up and configure Cree SmartCast technology enables devices, use in your home also. For further more details on SmartCast Technology Configuration Tool install guide, check the owner's manual. If you want to purchase Cree lighting products, choose PartsXP. This is the best source to buy Cree lighting items online.

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