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Cree ZR24 Installation

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Cree Lighting offers ZR series LED troffer that give you a broad portfolio of efficient and excellent light performance at an affordable price. This ZR series also provide a room-side removable lens with magnetic fasteners for easy access and maintenance. So, now, in this blog, we are going to discuss about Cree ZR24 installation to make your job easier.

Cree ZR24 Installation Guide

Before you start Cree ZR series installation, you should read the below safety instructions.

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Safety Instructions

  • Make sure you disconnect power before installation.
  • The luminaire needs to be installed by following the NEC or your local electrical code. If you are not familiar with these codes, it's good to contact a qualified technician.
  • ZR24 should be suitable for damp locations.
  • Don't install insulation within three inches of any part of the luminaire.
  • The vapor barrier must suitable for 90 degrees Centigrade.
  • It should be inherently protected.
  • Do not use wet hands for handling energized modules. Also, don't handle it when you are standing on wet/ damp surfaces or in water.

Bar Ceiling Mounting

First, bring the Cree ZR troffer into the T-bar ceiling panel. Find the location of the T-bar clips on end panels of troffer by referring to the figures in the manual.

After that, bend clips upward and rotate outward to engage with the T-bar support grid. Then, secure luminaire to grid according to the state and local codes.

Suspended Mounting

You need to attach the supplied cables to the T-bar clips which are located in the corners of the housing. You have to use the hole in each clip to attach the cable.

Now, connect the cables to the mounting surface with customer-supplied hardware. Make sure that the mounting surface supports the luminaire.

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SmartCast Setup

Cree Lighting recommends reviewing the Cree Lighting SmartCast technology wireless deployment guide before installing luminaires with Cree Lighting SmartCast technology. Moreover, you must install SmartCast luminaires on unswitched AC power. To maintain all luminaires on the Smartcast network, constant power is needed.

Before installation, you have to disconnect power to the circuit by turning the circuit breaker OFF.

Next, remove the screw on the junction box cover and bring it to an appropriate power supply to the junction box using one of the knock-outs.

Wire luminaire per electrical connections section and push all leads into the junction box. Now, reattach the junction box which you have removed before. Ensure that no wires are pinched. Switch the circuit breaker on.

When the circuit breaker is ON, there should be a WIM blue LED that has a double blink pattern. If you can't find this, know the troubleshooting tips to fix the issue. Also, there will be a chance to get more details through SmartCast documentation.


Once, you have done all the above Cree ZR installation processes, you need to reset the system.

Find the "reset" button through the access hole. Press and hold that button until your LED flashes fast for 5 seconds.

After that, you need to release it for a second. While fast flashing continues, press and hold the reset button for one second until flashing stops. Check if the blue LED is responding with two blink sequences. If it doesn't respond, you will need to repeat the reset process again.

If the light is unresponsive, verify the configuration by using the Cree lighting configuration tool.

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Cleaning LENS

To clean the lens, first, you have to locate the end cap with the arrow marks on LED that indicate that the end cap is removable.

Grab the lens section next to the end cap. Pull lens as well as end cap together downward until end cap just clears luminaire. You have to pull them about 3 to 4 inches from the original position.

Next, disengage the other end of lens from the opposite end cap by pulling the lens away from the end cap. Once the lens is removed, you need to perform cleaning.

After completion of cleaning, you have to reinsert the lens into a fixed end cap. Push the removable end cap upward into the housing. And, use a gentle rock motion for engaging end cap to retention clip.

Now, check the removable end cap for any visible gap between the end cap and end panel. If there are any gaps found, it's necessary to push the end cap against the end panel for removing gaps.

Inspect the lens for any visible gap between the lens and luminaire. Push lens upward at gap location to seal magnetic foam to luminaire if there are gaps.

If you have any further queries related to Cree Lighting ZR24 installation, check the Cree manual once.


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