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dewalt drill troubleshooting

DeWalt drill is a portable tool that provides us flexibility in doing our woodwork around the house. These drills come in various sizes and power that allows us to work on every project. However, just like other tools, sometimes your DeWalt drill can give issues. So, if you are also one, check the given solutions to fix the DeWalt drill problems. Our DeWalt drill troubleshooting guide will help you more to solve your problems.

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How Do You Fix a DeWalt Drill?

Get simple and useful tips for DeWalt DC970 troubleshooting. If your DeWalt cordless drill won’t start, overheating, and have any other problems, let’s have a look at the following sections to get the solutions.

1.Battery is Not Charging

Sometimes your drill battery won't charge or not hold the charge. This problem may occur due to

Charger is not plugged in

Find an electrical outlet and plug in the battery charger with the battery attached. If the light on the front panel blinks as red, then consider it is charging.

Old battery

Over a long time, the DeWalt drill battery becomes old. Moreover, loses its ability to hold a perfect charge. So, you have to buy a new battery if yours is old and replace it.

Blown fuses

Due to a power surge, the fuse in the battery charger might get blown. You should replace the blown fuse. You can get the instructions in the manual for replacing the blown fuse.

Defective battery charger

The charger may not be charging the battery efficiently at all because of other broken parts or wear and tear. However, you need to purchase a battery charger for replacement.

2.Cordless Drill Won't Start

Your DeWalt drill doesn't work when the trigger is depressed.

Dead or low batteries

If your battery is on low power or out of power, the drill operates slowly or not start at all. So, in this situation, you have to replace the dead batteries. Check out the replacement instructions on the manufacturer manual.

Faulty battery

First, you need to examine whether the battery requires charging. If it is charged fully, but not holding the power for a long time when you are using the device, you should replace it with buying a new one.

Faulty battery charger

The defective battery charger might be caused to this problem. Test the functionality of the charger. You can go through Dewalt Cordless Drill repair of battery or replacement.

Corroded brushes

The motor brushes may have accumulated dirt. Hence, clean the brushes which are attached to the motor.

Burned motor

As the motor is the main source to supply power to your drill. So, if the motor is not working, the drill won't turn on. Replace the motor. You can buy DeWalt products at PartsXP.

Dirty motor connections

Your motor connections might be dirty so that clean them with a soft and clean cloth.

3.Chuck is Wobbling

The chuck is wobbling when your drill operating. This may due to

Loose chuck

Chuck is a specialized clamp that holds your drill bit in place to ensure smooth drilling. Drill's chuck is the spinning black thing located directly behind where the drill bit is inserted. If the chuck is not completely tightened, then it will be wobbled. You need to turn the chuck clockwise until the wobbling stops to fix the issue.

Chuck is at fault

A build-up of dust or dirt could be blocking the chuck from being able to fully tighten. If there is any build-up, remove the chuck and clean any build-up. Otherwise, replace it with a new one.

Corroded chuck

The corrosion may be built on the chuck. Then, make sure to replace it.

4.Making Noise

If your DeWalt grill gears are making squeaky noise, you can do the following.

When the clutch of the drill is broken, then you might be heard a noise. So, you need to do the DeWalt drill clutch repair. The clutch is located above the reverse switch and allows you to control the torque amount applied to the screw so that it won't go in too deep. So, if your drill gears make any noise other than normal sound when rotating it to take the clutch off and verify that it is broken. If it is broken, needs to be replaced.

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5.DeWalt Drill Stuck in Reverse

Your DeWalt drill will be worked in the reverse direction only.

The directional switch is engaged in the opposite direction.

A switch is located above the trigger that sets the drill switch positions when you press it. You have to switch it to the reverse direction and check if this causes the drill to go forwards.

The area around the reverse switch is dirty.

Build up of dirt and debris will cause this switch to become stuck in the reverse direction. So, make sure to clean the area around the switch.

Broken reverse switch

If the reverse switch is defective, you have to replace it by following the specific instructions.

6.DeWalt Drill Burning Smell

There may be obstructed vents. Check for dust and dirt in the vents that could create friction and heat. If there are any friction and heat present, clean it as much as possible while the drill is off. Otherwise, disassemble your drill if needed.

Moreover, worn-out carbon brushes also caused the burning smell. So, check the inside vents. If you observe sparkling, then consider carbon brushes are functional. No sparks mean there has worn out carbon brushes. Then, replace the carbon brushes.

7.DeWalt Drill Overheating

DeWalt drill overheating problem can be caused by problems related to the motor. So, it's the best thing to replace the whole drill rather than replacing separate parts of the motor. You can buy DeWalt drill and motor parts at PartsXP online. We are the best source to purchase original and quality DeWalt products online.

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Hope you solve your DeWalt drill problems with this troubleshooting guide. But, sometimes, you may not get the correct solution. However, if you are unable to do the Dewalt drill repair yourself, call an authorized technician.

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