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dewalt table saw troubleshooting

With just about any power tool, there are a lot of issues one might deal with. In that, some problems are extremely rare, while others are fairly common. However, here will help you by addressing common issues as well as get you to know the solutions for your DeWalt table saw problems. Follow the guidelines laid out for you here on DeWalt table saw troubleshooting that will set you up very nicely to make safe and accurate cuts for a very long time.

DeWalt Table Saw Troubleshooting Guide

Basically, the table saw have two categories of problems, mechanical issues, and cut problems.

Saw Does Not Turn ON

Before each use, ensure that the lock-off button above the trigger is released. When you let go of the trigger, the lock-off buttons will activate automatically.

Battery is not charged

If the battery is not charged, your table saw tool doesn't work. So, charge the battery of table saw. If you notice that red light is blinking at the charger when you plug the battery into the charger, it needs to be charged. You have to consider that the battery is fully charged if the red light is constant.

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Power issues

Moreover, there is a possibility of damaged wires, outlets not working and extension cord capability. Failed power supply, defective switch, bad motor overload, failed drive motor, or broken power cord may prevent the saw's motor from running. So, you have to check the electrical outlet works by plugging another appliance or tool. If the outlet is dead, you have to reset the circuit breaker. Still, the table saw is not getting power, plug it into a different outlet. If the outlet works, verify the power cord for any damaged or disconnected wires. You will need to replace the power cord if it is damaged.

Dewalt table saw overload reset

Test the overload of motor using a multimeter as it can prevent the table saw motor from running. If there is no continuity, you need to replace the overload. You can try Dewalt table saw overload reset to avoid table saw motor problems. If the motor will not start after the completion of resetting the overload, then consider that your tool is not getting power from the outlet. If neither of these worked, there may be a mechanical problem.

Trigger is Stuck

Is your trigger is stuck in the down position or not pull down when you are trying to pull it to start? Check a few things and fix them if possible.

  • Make sure to confirm that there is nothing attached to the trigger.
  • The lock-off button above the trigger should not in the ON position.

If still, the trigger is stuck, you may require to replace it.

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Table Saw Stopped in the Middle of Cutting and Won't Turn Back ON

This is a rare problem. It may just because of your inexperience with the material you are cutting. If you are not having experience, stop forcing stock through the cut. You will need a slower blade speed for more torque. You should be careful while doing this, because there may be a chance of your saw damaging.

Based on the table saw model and the severity of the abuse, you can trip the overload switch of your tool. Simply turn off the saw and remove the power supply. Wait for a few seconds, plug the saw back in, and get back to your work.

Still, the issue existed, check the user manual to know how to turn your DeWalt table back on. You have to buy a new one if necessary.

Saw Makes Loud Noise or Getting Burning Smell

One of the major causes of table saw motor malfunctioning is excessive debris build-up. So, you should maintain it in the right way. DeWalt table saws create a lot of debris. If you are not cleaned your saw regularly, you will likely be surprised when you look at the motor housing, fans, arbor assembly, shafts, junction boxing, gears, and wiring. Sawdust gunk and grime can be the culprit behind all of these motor issues. So, if it needs cleaning, you should do it immediately.

Make sure you disconnect the power before starting the cleaning process. You can remove the motor housing or flip portable upside down while doing the cleaning.

Be sure there are no air compressors as they can make things worse. You should not use any cleaning chemicals at all. If you have performed thorough cleaning, reassemble the saw and turn on the power back.

Check for loose screws, melted or torn wires, chipped gears, worn belts, and other damaged moving parts.

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Why does my table saw not cut straight?

There are many reasons, but the most common are:

  • You are inexperienced and not doing correctly.
  • The table saw blade might be bent.
  • The blade is not securely tightened.
  • The rip fence of the saw is not parallel to the blade perfectly.

Why does my table saw bind up?

If you are using the poor quality of the blade, then table saws may bind. So, make sure to use a high-quality blade. Be sure that it has a complete set of teeth. It can cause to binding or safety issues even one tooth is missing.

What can you not do on a table saw?

You do not wear gloves while operating the saw. Don't make free hand cuts on your table saw. Avoid any awkward operations. Never reach over or behind the blade unless it has stopped turning.


Hope this Dewalt table saw troubleshooting helped you to avoid the basic problems. However, Dewalt table saw maintenance is the key factor to avoid these type of common issues. You will refer to the manual or contact the company service team for getting a repair for other table saw motor problems. If you need to replace any DeWalt table saw components get them from PartsXP. Here, you can purchase original DeWalt products.

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