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explain eaton meter socket

Want to know about the Eaton meter socket? If our guess is right, you can stop your search here. Now, we are going to explain about Eaton meter sockets like how they will be used, electric meter socket types, and so on. So, why late, let's have a look at the content in the following sections.

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Meter socket is one of the best low voltage power distribution control systems. Eaton's low voltage power distribution and control systems will improve reliability, increase efficiency, and enhance safety by distributing, monitoring, and managing power throughout your operation.

Generally, each watt-hour meter needs a meter socket to safely and securely connect it to the electrical service. Meter socket designs and utility requirements will be varied. So, Eaton offers different types of a single position and multiple position meter sockets.

Single position meter sockets will be used for single-family homes and in some commercial applications. Multiple position meter sockets also called gang sockets that can be used in multi-family and other commercial applications which require two to six meters. Meter sockets will require a maximum voltage rating of 600 volts or less and current ratings of 600 volts or less. 

Eaton Single Meter Socket

Eaton is a one-stop solution to shop a wide range of residential and commercial electric meter sockets. Single sock surface or flush mount outdoor enclosures available in two models. These are good for easy and cost-saving installation. The one-piece or die run electric meter socket enclosures eliminate tampering and extend product life. These applications include residential meter socket installations, mobile homes, rural service entrances, temporary power on construction sites, etc.


  • Single socket surface or flush mount outdoor enclosures helps you for simple installation that saves money and time.
  • Available in two styles so that you can use BR or CH type branch breakers.
  • One-piece and die-run enclosure eliminates tampering and extend the product life.
  • Ground bars are available for field installation so that you can configure them on the fly, saving time and money on installation.
  • Integral quadplex or triplex ground extruded in the neutral lug. It's having one piece that is for terminating incoming or outgoing neutral conductors increases the integrity of connections.
  • Its block assembly base exceeds 400 in-lbs of torque which gives you durability under the most extreme installation circumstances.

100 Ampere Meter Socket Specifications

  • It will be available with or without a factory installed hub.
  • Tunnel type and load lugs.
  • It has a type 3R enclosure rating.
  • 100-ampere meter socket is CSA approved for copper or aluminum wiring.
  • Designed with 4 jaw configuration standard and optional 5th jaw available for 6 or 9 o’clock position mounting.
  • For applications that requiring an insulated neutral, a field installable kit is available.

Eaton 200 Ampere Meter Sockets

These are available in various models including standard size enclosure, oversize enclosure underground service, oversize enclosure combination overhead/ underground Service. 

Standard size enclosure specifications:-

  • It is available with or without a factory installed hub.
  • Tunnel type line and load lugs.
  • Its heavy-duty sliding latch holds the cover in place and provides invisible as well as tamper-proof mounting.
  • It has a type 3R enclosure rating.
  • Approved with CSA for copper or aluminum wiring.
  • Its neutral assembly allows the application of unbroken neutral wire.
  • Four jaw configuration standard, optional 5th jaw available for 6 or 9 o’clock position mounting.
  • A field-installable kit is available for applications that require an insulated neutral.

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Eaton's Multi Gang Meter Sockets

200A main 100A/ 200A per position combination OH/UG Service, 200A main 100A/ 200A per position underground service main stud type, 400A main 200A per position combination OH/UG service, 400A main 200A per position underground service main stud types are available in Eaton multi-gang meter sockets. Therefore, here you can know some common specifications of these Eaton meter sockets. 


  • Underground or overhead service entrance positioning.
  • For overhead or underground service, your line side should be through a provision in the left-hand trough.
  • In this, two troughs 6 position models available.
  • Troughs are factory bussed for 200 Amps from main lugs to the line side of all positions.
  • Left-hand service entry is available only.
  • Besides, these have cable entry trough standard features for ease of wiring.
  • Having type 3R enclosure rating.
  • Tunnel style line, load, and neutral lugs.

Speciality Meter Sockets

The different models of specialty meter sockets such as 20A transformer rated with circuit closures, 400A transformer type, 100A combination meter socket and circuit breaker, 200A combination meter socket and circuit breaker, 200A combination meter socket and load center, 100A/200A seven jaw polyphase have some special specifications. You can check the required model features and meter socket dimensions in the owner's manual. However, here, we have updated a few common specifications of Eaton specialty meter sockets.


  • These meter sockets are suitable for central metering systems.
  • Suitable for services transformer rated above 200 Amps.
  • Type 3R enclosure rating.
  • Tunnel style line and load lugs accommodate #14-8 Cu cabling.
  • Four, five, eight, and thirteen jaw configurations available.
  • CSA approved for copper cabling only.
  • Complete with provision for test blocks or test switches.

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Final Words:-

As there are many models in Eaton meter sockets like Eaton 320A meter sockets, Eaton 200 amp meter socket with disconnect, 100 amp meter socket with disconnect, etc. you have to choose the perfect one to fulfill your requirements. You can buy various models of Eaton meter sockets at PartsXP. Yes, PartsXP provides Eaton meter socket parts along with the unit. So, you no need to go anywhere to purchase Eaton parts including Eaton meter socket hub, Eaton meter socket selector, and more. Simply search model number and order online at a very less cost.

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