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eaton power management software

Whether you need a solution for monitoring a single UPS, integrate with leading virtualization systems, or monitor an entire data center, Eaton is here for providing solutions for your requirement. Eaton management software tools will able to keep essential applications of your mission running longer. So, here, we have updated the information on Eaton intelligent power software, Eaton UPS management software, etc. to help you more.

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There are a lot of things to resolve the problems of power insight when they happen. Buy, you should need a solution to proactively address the problems with the right data at right time. To automate, track, and predict these issues before they hit, there is an Eaton Intelligence Platform for power management works.

Eaton's power of automation will able to make tasks easier through advanced alerts and automated resolution. With the power of visibility feature, you can see beyond power consumption via 3D infrastructure visualizations. The power of monitoring will able to make data actionable through faster, scalable interpretation and analysis. Eaton's power of predictability will help you to predict your power components defective through cloud bases analytics.

Eaton UPS Management Software

Usually, there are four ways to manage and communicate with your UPS. So, you can choose any one of them. It depends upon your applications and their requirements.

a)Single UPS: Network Card

Using a network card is the best solution to manage one UPS. So, you can use an optimal network card to monitor and communicate a single UPS. These cards essentially have their servers so that they will record event history and send text messages and email alerts to you. Also, offer remote access to check real-time status.

b)Shutdown: Network Card & Intelligent Power Protector

If your UPS protects servers, you can use this Eaton management software to schedule safe shutdowns and avoid data loss in case of a prolonged power outage. Eaton Intelligent Power Protector is the shutdown agent for a UPS that has a network card. This IPP directly communicates with the network card to register itself and receive alerts before the shutdown of your IT systems.

c)Multiple UPS installations: Network Cards & Intelligent Power Manager

Intelligent Power Manager software is designed to combine and control your power devices (both UPSs and network-enabled ePDU products) for multiple UPSs spread around a network closet, campus, or enterprise.

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d)Virtualization: Network Card and Intelligent Power Manager

The IPM software is the market leader that integrates power into systems for virtualization. The control of the IPM shutdown agent allows virtualized servers, including cluster servers running vCenter or XenCenter to shut down safely. For zero downtime and data integrity, live migrations can be activated to transparently transfer virtual machines to an accessible server on the network.

Eaton Intelligent Power Software Suite

Let’s have a look at Eaton’s IPP and IPM software.

a)Eaton Intelligent Power Manager (IPM)

Eaton Power Management Manager software will provide you tools to monitor and manage power equipment in your virtual and physical environments. This software ensures system update and integrity by accessing you to remotely track, manage, and automate devices on your network.

Eaton Intelligent power manager software enables you to do the following things.

  • Monitor and manage multiple devices from a single interface remotely across your network.
  • Terminate non-critical machines and integrate critical virtual machines. Also, shut down unused servers to extend battery runtime.
  • Initiate a virtual machine safe shutdown or move when an extended outage happens.
  • Avoid disaster automatically with a planned migration application like Microsoft Live Migration and VMware Site Recovery Manager.
  • OpenStack capabilities for rack power optimization.

You can download this Eaton Intelligent Power Manager software at free of cost from Eaton for a network monitoring of up to 10 devices. For more than 10 devices, you have to be purchased from Eaton authorized seller.

b)Eaton Intelligent Power Protector

Eaton's IPP software enables you to do the following:

  • During an extended power outage, avoid data loss by safely shutdown computers and virtual servers or machines powered by an Eaton UPS.
  • Watchdog capability keeps kiosks running smoothly with a PC or server with the identification of hang-ups and rebooting the machine automatically.
  • It is easy to use interface from any web browser or PC.
  • UPS knowledge is accessed through local PC or network contact and can be easily installed on several computers.
  • You can communicate with the protected device via USB or through the network card.

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You can download Eaton Power Management Software from the Eaton power quality website. If you want to purchase Eaton products such as UPS and related items, you may go through Here, you can find and order Eaton UPS at less price. PartsXP is one of the authorized sellers of Eaton products. Contact us, if you have any queries.

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