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eaton svx9000 troubleshooting

Eaton's SVX9000 adjustable/ variable frequency drive offers sensorless vector control technology coupled with an adaptive motor model and sophisticated ASIC circuit features. This allows for fast torque rise time, steady speed error, high starting torque & current, and high immunity to resonance vibrations. Eaton SVX9000 VFD is suitable for multiple motor drive systems and high-speed applications. These drives are specially engineered for commercial and industrial applications. If you have issues with this Eaton SVX9000 drive, check the following guide. Our Eaton SVX9000 troubleshooting guide will provide you some simple instructions to fix the problems.

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Eaton SVX9000 Troubleshooting

Failure is a common thing in any component. Variable frequency drives problems are mainly caused by equipment reaching the end of its life cycle. Eaton Corporation will repair VFDs but they will take more time. So, with the help of this Eaton VFD troubleshooting guide, try yourself.


Initially, you should do check the connections. Many people forgot to check that connections are incorrect during the Eaton SVX9000 VFD repair process. Heat cycles and mechanical variation may lead to sub-standard connections as they prevent standard maintenance practices.

If you are reusing the torque screws, it's not a good thing and further tightening the already tight connection will ruin the connection.

Wrong connections slowly lead to arcing. This arcing at the input of SCX9000 VFD might have resulted in nuisance overvoltage defects, clearing of input fuses, or damage to protective components. Arcing at the output may result in over-current faults or damage to the power components.

Due to erratic operation, there will be loose connections. These loose connections such as a loose Start or stop signal wire may cause uncontrollable VFD starting and stopping. A loose speed reference wire will cause fluctuation of drive speed resulting in machine damage, scrap, or personnel injury.

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Make Diode and IGBT Tests

There are various methods to test the input as well as output power sections of variable frequency drives. It's necessary to conduct diode and IGBT tests before applying power to your VFD unit. For any reason, if there is a short on the input side or output side of the drive, further damage can be caused to the unit when power is applied. So, by using the meters you can test input and output power sections of VFD. If there is a short, disassemble the unit and diagnose the cause of the short and quoted for repair.

Power-Up Unit

If you didn't found any issues in the input and output power sections, power the unit and conduct amp reading and output frequency tests. Slowly increase power voltage to the device until the VFD-rated input voltage is achieved. Now, VFD displays further action which you have to do. If no display is available, dis-assemble and diagnose the internal power supply of the control section of the drive. It is essential to further determine the cause of failure and repair it with the help of a professional.

Run Motor

If the above tests are completed successfully, then it's time to run a basic jog function with a simple template program. Check the Eaton VFD manual for programming and ensure to take the backup copy of the program.

Over Current

Remove the motor and start the drive. If the drive trips with nothing connected the drive has failed and will need to be repaired or replaced.

If the VFD doesn't trip, check the drive output voltages as per the manual instructions. If VFD unit failed in this test, replace it.

Insulation test the motor and the output run. If it tests correctly, see if the motor can be uncoupled.

When the variable frequency drive trips on an uncoupled motor, connect a test motor to the drive and check if it runs the motor. You should have the test motor be the same size as the original motor. You need to replace if the drive trips on the test motor on good application.

See if the drive runs on the uncoupled motor, try to spin which one is coupled to by hand to ensure that it is not stuck.

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Final Words:-

Hope this guide will help you for Eaton SVX9000 repair. You can prevent most of the problems with correct routine maintenance. Repair cost and time will be saved with proper maintenance of VFD. While repairing, you should take extra precautions. Buy Ecobee products at PartsXP online!

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