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eaton ups troubleshooting

If your computer is connected to an Eaton uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and it suddenly started beeping or getting any problem, then you are at the right place to know the issue and how to solve it. PartsXP provided an Eaton UPS troubleshooting guide below. Therefore, read this to learn why is it happening to your Eaton UPS and what you need to do about it.

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Eaton UPS Troubleshooting

As Eaton supplies UPS in many models, here, we have updated the tips for Eaton 9130 troubleshooting. Let’s have a look at this content.

Eaton 9130 UPS Troubleshooting

This Eaton UPS is designed for durable and automatic operation. Also, it alerts you whenever operating problems occur. The alarms included in the control panel will not affect the output power. These alarms are intended to alert you.

Actions are silent conditions that are recorded in the Event Log as status information like "Clock Set Done". And, notices are announced by a beep for every second which are recorded in the Event Log and displayed on the LCD screen such as UPS on bypass or UPS on battery. UPS alarms are announced by a beep every second that is recorded in the Event Log, displayed on LCD, and then the alarm indicator illuminates. However, here, you can refer to the Eaton UPS alarm condition troubleshooting steps.

Alarms & Conditions and Troubleshooting

Alarm/ Condition

Possible Cause


On Bypass.

LED is ON.

1 beep every five seconds.

This may be because of utility failure. Check for UPS is in battery mode.

UPS is powering the system with battery power. So, prepare your system for the shutdown.

The battery is low.

LED flashing is very slow.

One beep for every second.

The battery may be running low and it is in battery mode.

The actual time may vary depending upon the UPS load and the number of extended battery modules. Some models give warning as battery low before the batteries reach 25% capacity. So, check the estimated runtimes in your owner's manual.

On bypass

LED is ON.

One beep for every 5 seconds.

Your Eaton UPS is in bypass mode.

The system is transferred to bypass utility power. Your system will not be protected since the battery mode is not available. However, the utility power continues to passively filter by the UPS. Hence, see for one of the alarms such as overload, over-temperature, or UPS damage or failure.

On bypass.

LED is on.

No Eaton UPS beeping sound.

Your Eaton UPS is on bypass while working on the high-efficiency setting.

Transfer the equipment to bypass utility power as a normal function of the high-efficiency operation. If battery mode is available, then your equipment will be protected.

Batteries disconnected.

LED is on.

1 beep for every second.

I. Batteries are disconnected.

II. Your UPS is not recognizing the internal batteries.

Check that all batteries are connected properly. If all connected properly, the problem persists, then contact a repair person.

LED is ON.

Eaton UPS beeping one time for every second.

When power requirements exceed the UPS capacity, this type of condition may occur.

You have to remove some systems from UPS. Keep it as operate continuously and switch to bypass mode. If the load increase, shutdown it. The alarm will reset when the alarm condition becomes inactive.


LED is ON.

One beep every second.

I. This issue occurs when your UPS internal temperature is too high or the fan failed.

II. At the warning level, Eaton UPS generates the alarm but it remains in the present operating state.

III. The UPS transfers to bypass mode or shutdown if the bypass power is unusable when the temperature increases by another 10°C.

Transfer the UPS to bypass mode so that temperatures drop 5°C below the warning level. Then it will return to normal operation.

Still, the problem persists, once shut down the UPS then vents will clear and remove any heat sources. After that, let sit down for some time to cool. Make sure the airflow around the UPS is not restricted. Finally, you can restart your UPS. If the problem continues, then contact a service person.

Battery overvoltage.

LED is ON.

One beep every second.

It may occur when the battery voltage is too high.

Turn off the charger until the next power recycle. Otherwise, take the help of an authorized technician.

UPS is not providing the expected backup time.

The batteries of UPS require charging or any other service.

Check with charge the batteries by applying utility power for 48 hours. If the problem is not resolved, take repair service from the technician.

Power not getting at the UPS output receptacles.

Your UPS is in standby mode.

You have to supply the power to the connected devices. Press the ON or OFF button for about a second, until the front LED panel displays as UPS starting.

UPS not starting.

The power cord is connected incorrectly.

REPO (Remote Energy Power-off) switch is active or the switch connector is missing.

Verify the power cord connections.

If you see the status of the UPS menu as REPO, then you should inactivate the REPO input.

UPS works normally but some protected equipment is not ON.

It may be because of not proper connection of equipment to the UPS.

Check that the equipment is plugged into the UPS receptacles. If not, plug them correctly.

UPS is not transferred to bypass mode.

The bypass utility isn't qualified or that mode is disabled.

Check the bypass utility and UPS is receiving utility power. Also, verify it’s unstable or in brownout conditions. Moreover, you have to check all bypass settings are configured correctly.

USB communication is not working.

When the serial port communication is not set correctly for USB, you may get this condition.

Verify that the serial port configuration is set to 9600 bps. Otherwise, correct it.

This is the table for Eaton 9130 troubleshooting. So, if you have Eaton 9130 UPS, refer to the above section once. When you have Eaton UPS internal fault, check the manufacturer's manual to fix it. In the manual, you can find the descriptions for Eaton UPS fault codes and Eaton UPS beep codes. However, you have to try for resolving the problem as per the solution provided by the manufacturer. If it's not possible, call a service representative.

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Final Words:-

Hope this Eaton UPS troubleshooting guide helps you more. If you want to get guides for other UPS such as Eaton 9155 troubleshooting, Eaton 5S 1500 troubleshooting, etc. stay connected to PartsXP. Here, we sell you all Eaton products at less prices. Order online!

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