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Ecobee is a well-known tool for its efficiency in controlling room temperature. It is a very good digital thermostat with multi-functionality. Recently, this brand came up with an Alexa-integrated smart thermostat Ecobee 4. Ecobee 3 and Ecobee 4 share a lot of similarities and also they have some differences too. In this blog Ecobee 3 vs Ecobee 4, we will discuss various aspects of these smart thermostats and compare them too.

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Ecobee 3 vs Ecobee 4


Ecobee3 and Ecobee 4 have some differences such as

1. Ecobee 4 has a built-in Alexa but Ecobee 3 is just compatible with Alexa.

2. The physical dimensions and hence weight of the Ecobee 4 are more than Ecobee 3

3. You can also notice a new voice control icon on Ecobee 4 which is absent in Ecobee 3

4. An led light is incorporated in Ecobee 4 to indicate whether Alexa is ready or not.


Let's come to the similarities too. They are

1. Both Ecobee 3 and Ecobee 4 has mobile app integrated into them.

2. They both have control over the HVAC systems which include electricity, oil, and gas.

3. We can see a room sensor in both models.

4. Both thermostats support Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Echo, and also IFTTT.

5. Both have an LCD touchscreen.

6. These thermostats can function without a battery.

7. 23 percent of the annual home energy bill can be saved by the energy-saving modes of these thermostats.

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Let's discuss their features and options in detail.

Room Sensors

Though the room sensors haven't got updated but starting from Ecobee 4 every model is included with one room sensor at the least.

They are wireless sensors that are to be placed in the rooms of your house such as bedrooms, living room, dining room, etc. This sensor will measure the temperature of the rooms and send signals to the thermostat and the thermostat gets the average temperature of the house.

These sensors can also detect motion and helps in adjusting the temperatures when people move in and out. This will help in the cost-cutting of houses.

Amazon Alexa Integration


Ecobee 4 comes with Alexa built-in whereas Ecobee 3 is just compatible with Alexa. This can be considered a major difference between these two.

This enables you to fully control the level of heating in your home with just your voice control. Though you can't use this Alexa integration for making online orders or playing songs on Spotify, it just comes in handy for temperature control.

LCD Touch Screen

Both Ecobee 3 and Ecobee 4 have 3.5-inch identical screens. But the only difference is Ecobee 4 screen has a voice control icon added on its screen to use Alexa. You can activate or deactivate that control. It turns from blue to green if gets deactivated. By pressing this voice control icon you can also go into the menu and change the volume level and also change the settings such that the thermostat's microphone gets your voice amidst the background noise. Other than that icon everything else is the same for the two screens.

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HVAC Systems Support


Ecobee 3 has the functionality to control HVAC systems such as dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and ventilators. And the Ecobee 4 shares the same functionality. This enables the thermostat to work as a controller for many appliances and makes your work easy.


Though there are many brands of thermostats out there in the market, Ecobee stands out with its modern updated functionality. So by going through our blog you can see there are only minimal differences between both thermostats. We hope our blog on Ecobee 3 vs Ecobee 4 helps you in picking a good thermostat that fits your need.


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