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ecobee camera setup

Ecobee designed the smart camera for easy setup. But, you might get a few issues while setup or mounting. If you want to know how to setup Ecobee smart camera perfectly, take a few minutes to read this post. Ecobee camera gives a 180-degree field of view with 1080 pixel resolution. Moreover, this camera has many features including built-in Alexa, two-way talk, night vision, person detection, activity zones and many more.

Ecobee Camera Setup and Mounting Procedures

If you already tried the Ecobee camera installation but is not successful, you have to reset the device before another attempt. To reset, simply press and hold the mute button and microphone button on top of the camera. When the assistant asks to reset the device to factory settings, press the microphone button. Once the Ecobee camera reset to factory settings has been done, you can start the setup process.

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How do you Make Ecobee Smart Camera Setup?

When you want to register your Ecobee smart camera with voice control, initially, you have to install the Ecobee application on your mobile device. After completion of Ecobee app installation, follow the below instructions for camera setup.

Open the Ecobee application on your android or ios device. Next tap on the "plus" symbol. You can see the "+" symbol in the top right of the mobile screen.

On the next screen, you will see "which product are you wish to add to my home". You have to select the "Camera" under the list of products which you want to control.

Now, you will be asked to ensure your Ecobee smart camera is ready to pair or connect. Four LEDs on the front of the camera glow amber, it's great. Tap on the "Good to go" button at the bottom. Sometimes, these four LED lights glow in another color. If so, don't worry. The device will likely complete the setup process despite this.

It may take a few minutes for your smart camera to appear. Once it appeared, select it from the available list. If you are setting up different cameras at a time, match the serial number with the number located on the back of the smart camera.

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When you select your camera, you will be asked that to set up via either homekit or another method. If you proceed with the homekit, you have to scan the code on the back of the smart camera itself. However, homekit setup didn't work while testing.

To go with another method, you need to select the wifi network that you wish to use to set up your camera.

Once the Ecobee smart camera setup has been completed, you will need to give your camera a name from the list. So, you can easily identify the device as well as give voice commands. In this list, you can see all standard rooms and locations in your home.

If you have given the name to identify easily, then you will need to activate a few more settings for getting overall functionality.

  • Window Mode: First, activate the window mode feature that helps to reduce glare and reflections digitally. So, you will get clarity output through your camera. It is especially useful if your smart camera is pointed through a window.
  • Autopilot: This feature uses your phone location to automate your device. If you enable autopilot, your camera turns on when you leave your home and turns off when you arrive.

Next, select the wifi network that you want to connect your camera. Wifi presence also helps the autopilot feature be more accurate.

Turn on notifications on your device. If you are asked for a firmware update, complete it to operate the camera in a better way.

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How to Mount Ecobee Smart Camera?

It is easy to mount an Ecobee smart camera as it doesn't require any special equipment or tools. Just a screwdriver or drill makes your job easier. There are two areas available on the back of the camera body where the base attaches: one on the bottom and one on the back.

To tilt the camera, both attachment points have a solid adjustment range. So, first, you have to pick the attachment point that suits your needs. Once you have chosen, press the camera base into the camera body. It will snap in place.

Now, choose the area where you wish to mount Ecobee smart camera. See a keyhole mount on the bottom of the base and mount the camera base securely on the wall with the help of a screw and keyhole mount. Give 1/8" space on the wall to sink in a screw sticks out of the wall.

Once the mounting has been done, open the Ecobee app on your smartphone and check whether everything working perfectly or not.

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The Ecobee Smart Camera is a great addition for those already invested in the Ecobee smart thermostats. So, try yourself without any mistakes with the help of above Ecobee camera setup instructions. While buying Ecobee smart camera, you get a manual, so check that manual for further assistance on setup and mounting.

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