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ecobee camera troubleshooting

Ecobee smart camera is a 180-degree full picture camera that connects to your phone and other smart devices to help you keep your home safe and secure. This camera having a feature of motion detection that focuses on a person and keeps them in the frame while they move. Moreover, it has many light combinations that all carry different meanings. However, there may be issues raised in the Ecobee camera. Ecobee camera troubleshooting is difficult without prior knowledge. Hence, let's take a chance to read this post and fix the basic problems.

Ecobee Camera Troubleshooting Guide

You can fix the Ecobee SmartCamera issues simply with the following instructions.

Live feed is reporting that the camera is offline

If your Ecobee smartcamera with voice control is showing offline, initially, you should try resetting the Ecobee application as it may resolve the problem.

If your camera continues to report offline even after restarting the app, check the below things.

  • Make sure your home's internet connection is active and ensure that your router is powered on.
  • Unplug the smart camera and then plug it back in. The Ecobee smart camera LEDs should glow white that briefly indicates that power has been restored.
  • Once power is restored, see the camera once more through the app. If the LED indicators are not lighting, you have to check the main power source to ensure it is providing power to the device. If there is power but the camera does not light up or the above things do not resolve the problem, you can contact the customer support team.

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The live feed is only showing a spinning circle and grey screen

You will need to have physical access to the Ecobee camera to troubleshoot this problem successfully. If the live feed is showing a grey screen, you need to follow these steps.

  • First, check your mobile's connection to the internet. Whether your phone is connected is mobile data or WiFi, the connection will impact the ability to load the live stream.
  • You have to restart the Ecobee app.
  • Once unplug and plug in your camera back.
  • Check the voice assistant LED indicators on the front of your smart camera. To know the meanings of LED indicator color codes, check below.

Video feed looks pink during the day/ off at night

If your Ecobee displaying pink footage in the daytime or not working at night, follow the below steps.

  • Power off to the smart camera with voice control manually.
  • Re-connect the power to the device and check the video footage again.
  • If your Ecobee is still getting this issue after a few tries, the camera module might have been damaged. You may need to replace the device or contact customer service.

Troubleshooting based on the Ecobee SmartCamera's lights

Light Color




Four Solid Lights

The device is charging


Four flashing lights

Pairing timed out


4 solid lights

The smartcamera is ready to pair


Solid lights flashing three times

Pairing is completed


Lights moving from left to right

No server connection


Four lights going back and forth

Device can’t find the connection or still trying to pair


Flash light

Your Ecobee smart camera is recording


Solid light

You can watch live footage


Solid light

Ecobee Alexa is waiting and listening for your command


Pulsing light

Alexa is setting a timer, remainder or it is speaking


Lights moving back and forth

Ecobee Alexa is processing the command


One steady light

Your camera is ready to stream


Solid 4 lights

SmartCamera is muted


4 lights 3 times flashing

Alexa is experiencing an error


One light

Alexa is streaming or recording


Slowly pulsing

You have a notification


No light

Your camera is idle or do not disturb mode on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much internet bandwidth does the camera require and what are the speed requirements?

To get the best experience with your camera, Ecobee recommends a minimum upload bandwidth of 2Mbps and a constant wireless connection. This will help you to ensure the best experience when using Ecobee smart camera with voice control to record videos, take snapshots, use two-way talk, and stream live feed.

What happens if the camera loses power?

If your SmartCamera loses power, then it won't connect to WiFi, send video clips, track motion, and not able to view the live feed on the app. Once the powered up again, it will connect to the internet automatically and keep all its previous recording settings.

Can I use the SmartCamera with voice control outdoors?

Ecobee SmartCamera with voice control is designed to operate between 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. So, you can't use it outdoors. You will be able to use it in your home only.

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Final Thoughts

The Ecobee SmartCamera is the wonderful choice for any home that wants to keep a record of everything going inside. The interface and design of the camera are simple so most issues with Ecobee can be fixed within minutes if you aware of basic troubleshooting tips. Hope this Ecobee smart camera troubleshooting helped you to fix the issues and allow for seamless video streaming and household security to always stay up and running.

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