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Ecobee manufactures smart sensors for doors and windows. These are the first and foremost sensors that can detect when and whether your doors/ windows are opened/ closed. Ecobee door sensors work with Ecobee Smart Security to give you relevant information regarding the current state of your home. If you have bought this smart sensor from Ecobee and looking to install it, check our Ecobee door sensor installation steps given below.

Ecobee Door Sensor Installation Instructions

You can install this door smart sensor on single/ double/ sliding doors. And, it would be possible for vertical hinging, vertical sliding, horizontal hinging or casement windows.

Ecobee smart security uses the contact sensor and occupancy sensor of the smart sensor for doors/ windows for notifying the motion or to detect open/ close events.

Before going to start the Ecobee door sensor installation, we will have a look at it’s features.

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Door Sensor Features

Get alerts

You will get alerts regarding your home security and it is possible to check in with the mobile ecobee application to stay connected.

Personal vantage point

It is able to customize alerts for monitoring where & when you want it.


This feature helps to use family member's as well as registered guest's smartphone locations to arm and disarm the system automatically.

Smart security

The ecobee works with smart security which has been built with advanced technology. This technology alerts you to possible fires or break-ins. Ecobee smart security home monitoring service works with your other ecobee devices to connect the entire home for comfort and peace of mind.

Pairing with Ecobee App

First, you need to proceed with pairing a door sensor to the ecobee app. To pair, follow the steps given below:

1. Open the ecobee application on your mobile.

2. Select the "+" symbol on the home screen of ecobee application.

3. Tap on the smart sensor for doors and windows section.

4. Next, scan the QR code and complete the pairing and setup instructions that come up.

If the sensor doesn’t pair with the ecobee application, then you need to

  • remove the battery.
  • wait for a few minutes
  • re-insert the battery to restart the detection process.

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How to Install an Ecobee Door Sensor?

  • After pairing the door sensor with the mobile app, you will have to continue through the directions for placement.
  • Before mounting the sensor, you must clean the area when you want it installed.
  • The smart sensor has a magnet that works with the base for detecting entry and can go on either side. Make sure that the bottom of the base needs to be in line with the bottom of the magnet.
  • The circular lens of the base detects motion so they need to be in a vertical position with the word "ecobee" in the upright position.
  • While installing, you will check that the base and magnet should be as close together as possible. For the first 15 minutes in the setup mode, the green LED will glow when the base & magnet are close enough for detecting a closed state. After that, that green LED will just blink when your door or windows open or close.
  • Next, move the sensor's base and magnet around to fit at your needed door.

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How to Unpair SmartSensor for Doors and Windows?

When you wish to unpair your ecobee smart sensor for doors/ windows, go to the homescreen of the app, select the specific tile and select remove device from the bottom of the mobile application screen.

Where can you see the status of Ecobee SmartSensor for Doors/ Windows?

It is possible to check the status of your door sensor on the homepage of the ecobee application on your mobile. Also, by clicking on the specific tile on the app home screen.



However, the Ecobee door sensor will be the best choice for peace of mind. You can see the status of every movement at your home wherever you are. The smart sensor's 120-degree wide motion sensor catches all activity inside your home. Moreover, ecobee will turn off your AC automatically if the door is opened for 5 minutes so it helps to reduce your energy bill. Hope this Ecobee door sensor installation post helped you to finish your task easily.

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