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Ecobee Smart Camera Review - PartsXP

ecobee smart camera review

Ecobee SmartCamera with a voice control security camera is just an innovative product. This camera act as the hub of a broader home security system. However, you can know our thoughts on Ecobee smart cameras. In this Ecobee smart camera review post, we focused on features, advantages and disadvantages as a security camera.

Ecobee Smart Camera Review

Are you willing to buy a new Ecobee camera with voice control? It’s better to know it’s Ecobee SmartCamera review. Now, check the features of this Ecobee device.

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Ecobee Camera Features

The Ecobee smart camera is built with a clean visual design with a black front and white frame. It features a sleek metal stand. The Ecobee camera's stand allows for slight vertical adjustments. With the camera's design, you can mount it on a wall with just a single screw. You will be able to use it only for indoors. As it's not built with an internal battery, the device can't be accessed when the power goes out.

Next, coming to the image quality, it has 1080p HD resolution and features 180-degree field of view. Moreover, the camera records video at 30 frames per second. The Ecobee camera is designed with three infrared wide-angle LEDs for night vision. And, this camera supports two-way audio with an integrated microphone.

Ecobee smart camera comes with two physical buttons on the top of the device that are used for voice control. One is a mute switch and the other is a manual Alexa activation button. This Alexa activation button plays a double role on-device configuration menu.

This smartcamera can be connected directly to a home network via Wi-Fi over both 24ghz and 5ghz without needing a separate hub. For voice commands, the camera has built-in Amazon's Alexa voice assistant. This smart camera supports HomeKit also for streaming live footage on demand through the home application. Remember that this device doesn't support Google Assistant and does not work with the Ecobee Android application.

Ecobee camera's software features include zooming, digital panning and a siren activation. It's image processing worked on the device by 8 - core process that can distinguish between humans and pets. Also, enables smart focus which tracks activity by panning around to follow people within its view.

The SmartCamera has 4 GB of flash storage so it can't save the video locally. The recorded footage is encrypted and stored in Ecobee's cloud storage. You will avail this through the company's Haven home monitoring subscription service.

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Ecobee Camera Review - Pros

The Ecobee smartcamera setup is quick and easy. We think that the entire setting process, i.e., from unboxing to pairing will be completed within 10 minutes.

You don't need any separate tools to attach the metal stand. And, it is required to plug in the camera to an outlet.

Pair the SmartCamera through your Ecobee app. However, the best feature of this device is Ecobee integrated HomeKit setup.

The navigation process of ecobee application is also very simple with a newly added camera.

The camera's loading up the live streaming takes just a few minutes through the app. The footage streamed and captured by the device is clear, detailed and staying smooth with high motion activity in front of it.

Moreover, image quality remains quality through black and white night vision. This black and white color combination provide enough details to identify people.

The microphone quality of the camera is impressive. Moreover, you will get excellent speaker quality which you expect for this type of device.

Alexa also working in good condition.  

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Ecobee Smart Camera Review - Cons

The Ecobee camera is expensive when compared to other marketers.

This camera does not offer features such as an internal battery or local storage option.

As recorded video stored in the cloud, you need a subscription to ecobee's Haven home monitoring service.  Although, without a subscription to the Haven home monitoring service, the device won't much of a security camera at all.

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Final Words

The Ecobee smart camera is a good one if you are looking to buy a versatile indoor security camera that does more than detecting motion. This camera not only enables you to use your phone to know what's going on at home but also acts as an Alexa device that can provide the news, weather updates, play music and more. But there are many devices other than Ecobee smartcamera which are integrated with Alexa-powered smart speakers. A security camera with a built-in siren is a great idea but it won't be more effective. If you have any queries on Ecobee smart camera review, leave your comment below.

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