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What is the difference between Ecobee room sensor and smart sensor? The smart sensor is the second generation sensor that replaces the room sensor. Ecobee smart sensor is redesigned from the ground up and offers expanded & enhanced features and capabilities over the room sensor. The most notable differences of the smartsensor from the room sensor are it's more elegant redesigned appearance, pet immunity, wider viewing angle, extended battery and range covering from the Ecobee thermostat. In analyzing the Ecobee smart sensor vs room sensor, we have explained about some factors of both sensors.

Ecobee Smart Sensor vs. Room Sensor

Ecobee sensors are a big reason behind one of the most useful and successful smart thermostats. In this post, we will discuss on Ecobee smart sensor vs room sensor.

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What is Ecobee Smart Sensor?

This is an accessory device that can pair with the Ecobee smart thermostat. Ecobee smart sensor detects movement in a room and temperature as well in that room. This information will be communicated back to the smart thermostat which can set the temperature in a given room to your personal preference.

You can install these sensors throughout your home for comfort. Also, you will be able to place them in rooms that run too cold or hot for a more balanced temperature throughout the home.

Now, let's check the Ecobee smartsensor features.

  • More transmission speed - The sensor captures and sends more temperature & occupancy data often with faster transmission speeds, further improving smart features such as Smart home/ away and follow me.
  • A new curved front face optimizes the sensor's field of view for improved occupancy detection.
  • Pet immunity - Built with enhanced occupancy sensor pet immunity for preventing false readings which are triggered by your furry friends.
  • Bigger battery - It was powered by a bigger battery, i.e., CR-2477 for an improved battery life of 5 years.
  • Pairing range - Improved pairing in between the Ecobee thermostat and smart sensor.
  • This smart sensor can attach to its satin steel stand magnetically and clicks into the adhesive wall mount.

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What are Ecobee Room Sensors?

Room sensors are the Ecobee's first generation sensors. Ecobee room sensors are the only thermostat sensors and will detect both temperature and room occupancy. It will also be paired with the smart thermostat. This sensor is designed to help regulate the temperature in other rooms than where the thermostat is located.

Difference between Ecobee Smart Sensor and Room Sensor

Find the occupancy & detection, viewing angle, range, battery, etc.

Occupancy and Temperature Detection

Here, you can see the occupancy and temperature detection of Ecobee smart sensors and room sensors.

These sensors will detect temperature and occupancy and communicates those data readings into the smart thermostat.

In occupancy detection, the sensor uses infrared technology to detect body heat signatures.

The occupancy will be detected depending on the person's continued presence within the sensor's viewing angle. If you spend more time in front of a particular sensor, then the ecobee assigns more weight to that sensor's readings.

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Ecobee smartsensor and room sensor uses 915MHz radio waves. They will not use Wi-Fi for secure and energy-efficient communication with your ecobee thermostat.

Range and Viewing Angle


  • Ecobee smart sensor is capable of communicating with the thermostat up to a range of 60 feet.
  • Room sensors can communicate with the thermostat to a range of 45 feet.

Even if you don't have a big house, there can be obstacles and barriers that can degrade the pairing range. Thick walls, different floors, baby monitors, cordless phones, etc. can lower the range on the same 915 MHz frequency. So, it's better to have a longer pairing range.

Viewing Angle:

Ecobee smart sensor has 140° horizontal and 100° vertical viewing angles. An occupancy sensor is accurate to a distance of 20 ft. And, the occupancy viewing distance is 20 feet.

  • For optimal placement for pet immunity, the wall mount should be at a height of 6.5 feet.
  • For optimal placement for temperature readings, you have to set it at a height of 4 feet.

The viewing angle for the room sensor will approximately be 120° horizontal and 25–30° vertical.


The smart sensor is powered by a single CR-2477 coin-cell battery. This battery will work as good up to 5 years and is easily replaceable. However, a high or low ambient temperature can reduce the battery life.

The ecobee room sensor is powered by a single CR-2032 coin battery. This battery will last up to one year and is easily replaceable. Moreover, ecobee thermostats can support up to 32 room sensors.

Final Words

Okay fine. While seeing Ecobee smart sensor vs room sensor, we recommend smart sensor as it has better occupancy range and faster detection. Moreover, you can pair it with the ecobee app from anywhere in your home. so that it will give enhanced whole-home comfort.


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