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ecobee switch installation

Ecobee Switch+ has in-built motion sensors that let you control light using your smartphone. Switch+ has been designed with a rounded section instead of the toggle switch. The bottom part of the Ecobee switch is solid white, while the top part has a small and prick part for the switch's speaker. You can turn on and off your room lights by pressing the bottom part of the device. A blue LED strip lights up on the top of the switch when you ask Alexa. Now, we are going to discuss about Ecobee Switch+ installation.

Ecobee Switch+ Installation Steps

Getting your Switch+ up and running as easy & quick by

1. Downloading the Ecobee app.

2. Installing Ecobee Switch+

3. Registering Switch+ to unlock Amazon Alexa and other smart features.

What you will get in the box:

  • Wallplate
  • Ecobee Switch+
  • four-wire nuts
  • Two mounting screws

Tools you will require:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Pliers

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Location Compatibility

First, we will show the location compatibility for Ecobee Switch+.

  • This device is used to control lights only but not any motor loads like ceiling fans.
  • Ecobee Switch+ doesn't work with three locations/ lights controlled from 2 switches. The lights need to be controlled by one switch.
  • The controlled lights should have a maximum rating of 600W for incandescent bulbs and 150W for fluorescent or LED bulbs.
  • Electrical voltage must be below 120V AC.

Turn Off Breakers

  • You have to turn the circuit breaker off for the switch which you want to replace.
  • If circuit breakers are not labeled, you need to turn off the master power.

Make sure your lights do not turn on while installing a new device. By flipping the wall switch on and off many times, confirm that you have turned off the right breaker.

Remove Old Ecobee Switch

Unscrew the existed wall plate as well as switch from the wall.

Now, you have to disconnect the wires which are attached to the switch. To remove wires, simply turn the wire nuts counterclockwise. After that, remove the existing Ecobee Switch+.

If paint around the device has dried, it will require more force to unmount it.

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Identify Wires

You can see four types of wires in your wall box.  Know how to identify them.

  • Line and load wires (Black or red): These are connected to your existing switch.
  • Ground wire (Copper or green): It typically comes from the wall box.
  • Neutral wires (White): These come in a pair and are fastened together by a wire nut.

Connect Ecobee Switch+

You need to match the neutral wire from your Ecobee smart light switch to the two neutral wires from your wall box. Together, insert them into the wire nut to connect. Connect the remaining wires as shown below and tighten them with wire nuts.

  • Switch wire to line wire.
  • Switch wire to load wire.
  • Neutral wire to neutral pair.
  • Ground wire to ground wire or screw.

Wire nuts are used to connect two or more wires together.

How to connect wires?

Hold the wires you are connecting parallel to one another so that the ends of the wires are aligned.

Holding the device wires parallel and insert them into a wire nut. Twist the wire nut clockwise until it secures.

If the wires separate or shift inside the nut, you will need to realign them and replace the cap. After that, twist the cap clockwise until the wires are secured.

You can use the pliers to gently twist wires together before inserting them into the wire nut. Moreover, you can straighten curved wires with pliers.

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Fit Wire Nuts into Wall Box

You should use each wire nut in, one at a time. Make sure to push the wire nut as close as possible to the back of the wall box. You can get more instructions related to this in your device's manual.

Mount your Ecobee Switch+

With the mounting screws provided in the box, you need to mount your device. The switch+ should be leveled and flush against the wall.

Power System Back ON

Once the Ecobee Switch+ mounting has been done, turn on the power for the replaced device at the circuit breaker. Just move the switch from OFF to ON mode.

Test Ecobee Switch+

Give a minute for your Ecobee light switch to power on. You can test the Switch+ by turning it on and off using the on/ off button on the front of your device. There will be a snap on the wall plate if the switch powers on.

If the Ecobee Switch+ is not turned on, then turn off the breaker and check if the wires are connected securely. Now, test the device for turning on.

Go through the Ecobee app to register your Switch+, connect to wifi, and unlock other smart features. Also, link the Amazon Alexa to control home light with your voice.

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Final Words

That’s all about Ecobee Switch+ installation instructions. We hope, you easily did your job with the help of our instructions. However, you should remember that the Switch+ Ecobee installation process may vary depending on your setup. You have to connect the wires differently or ground your new device using the back of your wall box. For further more assistance, refer to your Ecobee Switch+ manual.

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