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The Ecobee Switch+ is a light switch. This is more than just a smart light switch. Ecobee Switch+ has a couple of smart features than others including the Amazon Alexa speaker, a motion sensor and a temperature sensor. The Ecobee switch+ is the first-ever smart switch with Amazon Alexa capabilities that let you control your connected lighting as well as other supported smart home products by voice. Now, you can check our Ecobee Switch+ review.

Ecobee Switch+ Review

It’s better to know the complete review of Ecobee Switch plus before buying it. If you have an idea of its features, design, price, etc., then it will be easier for you to find whether Ecobee smart light is suitable or not for your needs.

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Ecobee Switch Plus Design and Features

Now, we will have a look at the Ecobee smart switch+ design and features.

The Ecobee switch+ has two neutral wires, i.e., two load wires and a ground wire. These wires are used for only wiring configurations where the light is controlled by a single switch.


The Ecobee smart switch has a white finish and measures 4.7 inches in height and 2.9 inches in width. This is included with a lightbar at the top that gives you the status of the device. The advantages with this light are:

 Temperature sensor, occupancy sensor and ambient light sensor.

 Built-in Alexa voice technology.



 Far field recognition.


As a smart switch, Ecobee Switch+ makes your small devices, bulbs and non-smart lights smarter. However, it has more features than a normal switch such as:

Built-in Amazon Alexa: Ecobee switch not only works with Amazon Alexa and it's an Alexa device itself. So, you can use voice commands for operating devices even if you don't have either Echo Dot or Tap. For example, when you come to your house with full luggage and are not able to turn on the lights, AC, etc., then you can just tell this switch to turn on lights and air conditioner. Moreover, Ecobee switch+ informs you about temperature forecast. Also, you will be able to ask for recipes while you are busy with cutting vegetables. And, it can add items to the grocery list. Ecobee Switch+ will read out the latest news stories if you ask.

Ecobee App: With the Ecobee application, you can control your switch+ from anywhere. In this app, all settings related to the Ecobee Switch+ are available.

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Occupancy and temperature sensors: This switch automatically turns on the lights when it detects somebody in the room and turns off when nobody is inside the room. No need to tell the switch for turning on and off lights.

Easy to Install: It is designed to install easily. You can just install Ecobee switch+ within 45 minutes. Ecobee will give you installation instructions step-by-step as well as videos in their manual.

Keeps the lights Off during daytime: This Ecobee device can able to switch off all the lights in the daytime. It’s the best feature to reduce the energy bills.

Doubles as a night light: It is configured to use as a night light. The soft glow of the Ecobee Switch+'s nightlight is easy on the eyes but gives bright enough based on the place where you went. That means, you no need to turn on the lights fully when you go to the kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Turn on porch lights when sunset happened: It will turn on porch lights when the sun sets and turn off when the sun rises. So, you don't have to wait longer by standing at your front door to find keys in the darkroom.

Keeps your home safer on vacation: When your whole family goes on vacation, there be a chance of a burglar getting into your home. Having lights on in the room is better than a dark room. So, Ecobee Switch+ enables you to set the lights to turn on and off automatically and randomly while you are on vacation.

Works with Ecobee thermostats: Ecobee's thermostats will work with room sensors to ensure that no room is hotter or colder than how you need it. This switch+ acts as a room sensor so there is no need to buy separate room sensors for Ecobee thermostats.

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Works with many other devices: It can integrate with many devices such as Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Alexa. Also, able to use IFTTT recipes to have it connect with other devices as well as services such as e-mail/ social media updates.

There are several ways to turn the lights on or off with the Ecobee switch plus. You can use voice commands, a smartphone app or occupancy sensors. Additionally, it has a manual switch so you can press it to turn on. However, many other smart switches are available in the market that can operate through voice control but only the Ecobee switch+ works as a speaker itself.

The Ecobee switch+ comes with a one-year warranty. As a smart switch, the Ecobee switch+ doing a great job. Moreover, the mobile app interface is also user-friendly so you can easily understand for using.

Additionally, the installation process is also simple, you will be able to install everything by yourself.

Ecobee Switch+ Price

Coming price, the Ecobee switch+ is expensive than other smart switches. But, if we compare the features of this switch, the price is a steal.

Final Words

Ecobee Switch+ is a likable smart home gadget that you can control with your smartphone. However, it does a good job as a room sensor and Amazon Alexa speaker. As a three-in-on e switch, it is well worth the price tag. If you have other Ecobee products, then Ecobee Switch plus is the best welcome addition. Although, it is easy to have this switch work with other manufacturer smart home devices. Hope our, Ecobee Switch+ review helped you to guide.

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