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ecobee switch troubleshooting

Is your Ecobee Switch+ not turning on, failed to register, not connecting to the wifi network, or Ecobee Switch+ Alexa not working? You can get simple troubleshooting tips here. In this post, we have updated an Ecobee Switch+ troubleshooting guide to make your job easier. Have a look at the following sections.

Ecobee Switch+ Troubleshooting Guide

Check out a few common Ecobee switch+ problems and their solutions.

Ecobee Switch+ Not Turning ON

If you have just installed the Ecobee switch and it is not turning on, there are a few steps to get your device up and running.

  • Check the circuit breaker panel and confirm that your breaker is powered on.
  • If it is powered, flip the breaker to the off position.
  • Unsnap your switch+ wall plate.
  • Remove the two screws attaching it to the wall box for removing the switch.
  • Pull out your device from the wall.
  • Check the wires. Ensure that all wires are connected in the right way and that wire nuts are firmly in place.
  • If all are in fine condition, reinstall the switch with reverse these steps.
  • Still, your switch experiencing problems, you can contact the Ecobee support team.

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Ecobee Switch is Failed to Register

Follow these steps to ensure your Ecobee Switch+ is ready for setup. Also, it helps to factory reset the device.

  • Press and hold the main button for 5 seconds.
  • Wait until the voice prompt says "Reset to factory settings".
  • Press the main button again.
  • Wait for the amber light to illuminate, about 30 seconds.
  • Now, retry your registration using the Ecobee application.

Is your Switch+ Not Showing Up in the Device List During Registration?

If your Ecobee switch is not visible while registering, it's not a major problem. You need to do a factory reset ensuring your device is ready for setup. To make a factory reset,

  • Press and hold the main button for five seconds.
  • You have to wait for the voice prompt that will say "reset to factory settings".
  • Now, again you will need to click on the main button.
  • Wait for the amber light to illuminate.
  • Once it is illuminated, you can retry the registration.

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Ecobee Switch Plus Not Connecting to WiFi

First, you need to check if your switch is connected to your home network as well as the ecobee servers. Press & hold the mute button on the top of your Ecobee Switch for 7 seconds to launch the network diagnosis. Then, the voice prompt will indicate whether your switch is connected to your WiFi router as well as the Ecobee servers or not.

If your Switch+ is not connected:

Try to restart the device.

Press and hold the main button down for five seconds to initiate the configuration menu. Now, the voice prompt will read through the different options available. You have to wait for "restart device" and then click on the main button once to restart the switch. Once your device has restarted, again you need to perform the network diagnostic to check if the wifi connection has been restored.

Resetting the WiFi configuration

  • You need to hold the main button down for at least 5 seconds to start the configuration menu.
  • Wait for the voice prompt "forget wifi network". The voice prompt will read through the different options available.
  • After that, press the main button to forget the current network.
  • You will need to re-register your device to reconfigure your network.
  • Once you have registered and reconnected to wifi, launch the network diagnostic to check for the wifi connection has been restored.

Try with a factory reset

To know how to reset factory settings, you can check the above sections. Once your device has been reset, you have to complete the registration again to reconnect to Wi-Fi.

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If your Ecobee Switch+ is connected:

If the voice prompt says that your Switch is connected or still if you have trouble while connecting even after reset and re-registration, consider that there may be an issue with your network connection. Here are a few things to consider to address the network connection issues.

Distance - If there is a long distance between devices, they can't connect easily. So, you will try to move the router closer to the switch+ if possible. Otherwise, use a wifi range extender.

Obstructions - In some cases, wifi signal gets refracted, reflected, or obstructed by a few things in your home such as cabinets, glass, mirrors, metal objects, and thick walls. So, clear the obstructions or keep the router close to your Ecobee device.

Wireless interference - Sometimes, your wifi signal can be interfaced by neighboring networks, Bluetooth devices or baby monitors. To fix this issue, you can change the channel and SSID on your wifi router. You can try 1, 6, 9, or 11 channels as they are non-overlapping channels.

Outdated firmware on the router - Check when you updated the firmware of your router. Try upgrading the firmware and verify if it improves the signal strength.

Power issues - If you are not finding the network signal after a power outage, you have to power cycle the router. Unplug the router and wait for 10 seconds, then plug in it back. If it doesn't solve the issue, you may have to reset your wifi router and wait for it to reboot up again.

In addition to the above, you will perform a speed test on your wifi network. If the network speed is low, contact the network provider to speed up the wifi signal.

Ecobee Switch Alexa Not Working

To use your switch+ to access Amazon Alexa services, make sure it is registered and linked to your Amazon account.

  • Open the Ecobee application.
  • Go to switches and select your device from the list.
  • Now, look at the microphone icon at the bottom right corner to know whether Alexa is enabled or disabled.

If Alexa is enabled, you have to reboot the device. If rebooting didn't fix the problem, next you have to do a factory reset of the ecobee switch.

When your Alexa is disabled, you need to sign in again with your Amazon account.


We hope, our Ecobee switch troubleshooting tips helped you to fix the common problems. If your Ecobee Switch+ still has any problems, you can contact ecobee support team.

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