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ecobee thermostat installation

A smart thermostat is a great thing to have in your house. It’s not only adjust your home temperature from your smartphone but also saves money on utility costs. Like other smart thermostats, the Ecobee line of thermostat allows you to control and manage the temperature levels of your home from your phone. So, you can adjust the settings of Ecobee even if you are miles distance away. Here is the process to install Ecobee thermostat in your home. This guide is useful for Ecobee 3 or 4 thermostat installation.

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Ecobee Thermostat Installation

  • Initially, you should power off your HVAC system by using the circuit breaker box or master switch. You need to do turn off the power for your safety purpose. You can find the master switch or circuit breaker in the basement, utility closet, or behind the wall panel near the thermostat.
  • Once turned off the heating, ventilation, or air conditioning system, you have to wait for a few minutes, don't breathe the air coming from vents.
  • Now, remove the old Ecobee thermostat cover from the wall. Most models need to simply pop off or unclip from the base, while others have screws that you need to remove.
  • Check for Ecobee wiring compatibility. If your thermostat is not compatible, visit the manufacturer's website.
  • Try to take a photo of the wires connected to the terminals of the old thermostat for reference.
  • Now, check for C wire connected to your old thermostat. So, you need to follow the procedures given below for installation with or without a C wire.

How to Install Ecobee Thermostat with a C Wire?

If your thermostat has a C wire, then it will supply power to your Ecobee. So, you don't require the Power Extender Kit (PEK) for the power supply.

  • Disconnect and label the wires carefully from the old smart thermostat one at a time. Take the reference of labels provided. If there is a jumper between RC, RH, or R, then you need to leave it alone. Only label the wires that run from your wall into a terminal block.
  • Loosen the screws of the mounting platen and remove it from the wall. Some thermostats contain mercury so that you have to replace the old one with a local hazardous waste facility.
  • Now, decide if you want to use the trim plate with Ecobee. This trim plate is useful for hiding the marks or holes left on the wall by your old thermostat. If you want to use the trim plate, place the mounting holes on the trim plate and backplate and then press them into place together.
  • By using the drywall anchors and screws, you need to pull the wires through the hole in the backplate middle. After that, attach the backplate to the wall. You can use a 3/16" drill bit for drilling a hole.
  • Now, connect R wires of the thermostat. Insert R or RC to RC and RH to RH. If you have a single R wire, then connect R, RC, or RH to RC.
  • Next, connect the remaining wires into the side of their corresponding terminal blocks. If you press the terminal block levers, the wires will insert easily.
  • Tug on the Ecobee wires gently to ensure that they are connected securely.
  • If there are any excess wires, push them into the hole and ensure no drafts are coming from the holes in the wall. As large holes behind the thermostat affect the temperature reading, you have to prevent drafts by covering the holes.
  • Carefully, press your Ecobee thermostat into the backplate until it "clicks" into place.
  • Turn ON the power to your HVAC system back on using the master switch or at the circuit breaker box.

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Ecobee Thermostat Installation without C Wire

If you don't have a C wire, you have to use the Power Extended Kit (PEK) to reliably power your Ecobee thermostat.

This Kit required your HVAC system to have either 4 wires (W/W1, Y/Y1, G, and R or RC or RH) or 3 wires Y/Y1, G and R or RC or RH.

  • First, take your PEK, wire labels, tools, smart phone and then go to your Heating, Ventilation, or Air Conditioning system.
  • Open the system's cover to get the control board. You should take care when working with the control board as they contain high voltage wires.
  • Take a picture of wires that are connected to your control board.
  • Connect, the R, Y or Y1, G, and W or W1 wires with the respective labels provided. If you have more than one wire going into these terminals, connect only those going to your Ecobee.
  • Now, disconnect the wires labeled R, Y G, and W from the control board.
  • After that, connect the removed wires from the control board into their matching gray terminal blocks on the power extender kit. You can press the buttons to insert the wires easily.
  • Tug on the wires smoothly to verify that they are securely connected.
  • Next, connect the five white wires coming out of your Power Extender Kit to their respective terminals on the control board. Once again check that the kit is installed properly. It must be installed between the control board and thermostat wiring.
  • Now, mount the kit inside your HVAC system and close the panel securely.
  • Disconnect and label the wires from your old thermostat one at a time using the labels given.
  • Unscrew the mounting plate of your old item to remove it from the wall.
  • If you are using a trim plate, align the mounting holes on the trim plate and backplate and press them into place together.
  • Pull the wires in the middle of the hole in the backplate. After that, attach it to the wall using provided drywall anchors and screws.
  • Remove the RC, C, and PEK wires from the label sheet and connect them to the wires as R, RC, and RH to RC, G to C, and Y to PEK. Next, connect the remaining wires to their corresponding terminals. Push excess wires back into the hole.
  • Finally, press your Ecobee thermostat into the backplate until it "clicks" into place.
  • Turn ON the power to your HVAC system.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat Configuration

Once the installation has been done, you have to set up and register with your smartphone by following the instructions provided in the thermostat. Otherwise, check the Ecobee thermostat manual for detailed instructions.

  • The Ecobee 4/ 5 thermostat uses a touch screen so that it's easy to navigate. You have to just tap the icons, lists, and buttons.
  • If the screen shows a list setting, an arrow on the right indicates there are more than two options to select from.
  • When there is no arrow, the list has only two options.
  • To save the changes and move to the next screen, press "Done".
  • Press "Cancel" to go back to the previous screen without saving changes.
  • When you press the "Home" button which is located on the right-hand side of the screen, cancels your action and bring it back to the home screen.
  • Use the keyboard to enter data in the form of text. Press the 123@ key to change the letters to symbols or numbers.

For more detailed instructions, check Ecobee smart thermostat manual.

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Wrap Up:-

Installing an Ecobee smart thermostat is an easy process. Follow the steps above provided to install Ecobee. Also, take the reference of Ecobee smart thermostat wiring diagram, guides, etc. provided in the manual for installing accessories. Otherwise, download the Ecobee thermostat app to get step by step instructions. You can buy Ecobee thermostat and their accessories at if you need.

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