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home lighting online store

If you want to buy home lights but think such lighting requires a large amount of money, don't feel and worry about that. You can go through a home lighting online store to fulfill all your needs with less amount.

Moreover, you may choose our PartsXP online store to purchase lights that bring pleasure and elaborates the true meaning of luxury in your home. Continue to read this blog to know about our specialties for your home lighting.

You can imagine a day without lights in your home when darkness covers you entirely. Isn't it just so scary? It is a known reality that the lighting around us gives strength and spirit to make your living exciting in every moment.

Although, it reflects your unique sense of style. So, why compromise with your building's lighting and comfort zone?

Best Home Lighting Online Store - PartsXP

Get ready for home light online shopping at our PartsXP electrical parts and supplies. When you decide how much and what kind of light you need, first you have to decide the style and considered space.

Have you feared? - We are here to remove all the fantasies by supplying your required lights. So, check out our few home lights which we offer and then proceed. However, we are interested to describe the top brand lights and their specifications as well as features that are available at our PartsXP store.

Cree Lighting C-VT-A-SMCL-9L-40K-GR LED Vapor Tite, Small, 120V, Ceiling Mount, 900L, 4000K, Gray

Product Features

  1. 1.C-Lite vapor-tight features a rugged time tested design with LED technology.
  2. 2.It is ideal for cold storage areas, manufacturing facilities, bridges, and tunnels.
  3. 3.The vapor tight light is available for ceiling and wall-mounted applications.
  4. 4.It provides outstanding value with easy installation and excellent energy efficiency.
  5. 5.It has die-cast aluminum housing & lamp guard with screw-in, frosted glass globe.
  6. 6.This light was designed with the above features so that offer uniform light distribution.
  7. 7.It protects against dust and moisture. Produce clean light with any mounting option.
  8. 8.Light produces 900-Lumen light output, 4000K color temperature, and 70 CRI. 

c vt a smcl 9l 40k gr led vapor tite

Product Specifications

Part Name: Cree LED Vapor Tite Small Light,

Part Number: C-VT-A-SMCL-9L-40K-GR

Manufacturer: Cree

Part Type: LED

Cree Lighting CXBA16N LED High Bay Reflector, 16"

Product Features

  1. 1.It has a low-profile and lightweight design that offers you with ease of installation.
  2. 2.This reflector features aluminum construction with an anodized matte finish.
  3. 3.Designed with a flexible size of 16 inches and round shape that looks great.
  4. 4.It is well perfect for CXB series LED high bay luminaires and give 27500 lumens.
  5. 5.Reflector designed with lightweight construction and multiple mounting options.
  6. 6.You can get more energy savings with this reflector over traditional light sources.
  7. 7.Get the well light output with this aluminum reflector for solid light distribution.
  8. 8.It has four keyhole slots that give the perfect line up directly with the heatsink.

cxba16n led high bay reflector 16

Product Specifications

Part Name: Cree CXB Series LED High Bay Reflector

Part Number: CXBA16N

Manufacturer: Cree

Part Type: Aluminum Reflector

Cree Lighting DRDL6-06250009-12DE26-1C110 6" LED Downlight, 625L, 5000K, 120V, E26 Base, 90+ CRI

Product Features

  1. 1.Uses a standard E26 screw-in base so that it's fast and easy to install in your home.
  2. 2.This downlight uses 12.5 watts only. Hence, it will consume very less energy.
  3. 3.Can save more money with less energy consumption costs over the life of the bulb.
  4. 4.Light-up instantly and gives bright (pure white) and wide bright distribution.
  5. 5.It is manufactured as 35,000 hours of cool and bright energy-efficient light.
  6. 6.DRDL6-06250009-12DE26-1C110 is dimmable with most standard dimmers.
  7. 7.You can use this Cree downlight for indoor and outdoor unit applications.
  8. 8.This is available in white color as well as designed with LED technology.

drdl6 06250009 12de26 1c110 6 led downlight

Product Specifications

Part Name: Cree Lighting LED Downlight

Part Number:DRDL6-06250009-12DE26-1C110

Manufacturer: Cree

Part Type: Downlight

Cree Lighting C-WM-A-WLHR-10L-40K-MB LED Wall Mount, 120V, 4000K, Medium Bronze

Product Features

  1. 1.Cree C-WM-A-WLHR-10L-40K-MB is a powerful, efficient, and long-lasting light.
  2. 2.This wall mount LED light offer outstanding value and feature of easy to install.
  3. 3.Cree LED light is in a medium bronze finish that will give you great and rich value.
  4. 4.It is made up of traditional and architectural designs and including photocell.
  5. 5.Ideal for illuminating any outdoor space quickly while reducing energy consumption.
  6. 6.Perfect for medium bronze light for security, stairways, and perimeter lighting.
  7. 7.It supports an LED lamp with a power rating of 14 Watts and with 70 CRI.
  8. 8.Less maintenance costs and it can be used in flexible height, i.e., from 8 to 12 feet.

c wm a wlhr 10l 40k mb led wall mount 120v

Product Specifications

Part Name: Cree Lighting Medium Bronze LED Wall Mount

Part Number: C-WM-A-WLHR-10L-40K-MB

Manufacturer: Cree

Part Type: Wall Mount LED

In the above sections, we have mentioned our offering few lights only. In addition to this, we have a wide range of in-stock items for brands. Moreover, we specialize in supplying all electrical parts that are suitable for your home and business needs as well. Therefore, there no need of other searching for home lighting online stores other than PartsXP. 

Final Words

If you are looking to buy stylish and name-brand home lights from top designers, you can visit our website and get them. PartsXP is the perfect pick for your home light online shopping. Simply select the lighting from our home light online store and order, we got it delivered at your doorstep. Furthermore, we always in touch with you with our customer support team to clear your problems.

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