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How To Adjust Motion Sensor Light Switch?

We are all afraid of our electricity bills than the unwanted wastage of non-renewable sources of energy. However, there are appliances which can reduce both. One such thing is your motion sensor light switch. Motion sensors are very good tools to cope with the undesired power losses and to save the environment and your money every day. They also make us feel sophisticated as they operate by themselves for us without our intervention. There is a scope for the customization of your motion sensor switch the way you like it. So, here is a detailed explanation of various aspects of a motion sensor and how to adjust motion sensor light switch.

Table of Contents

1. Why Adjust a Motion Sensor?

2. How to Adjust Motion Sensor Light Switch?

3. Motion Detection Modes

4. Occupancy Mode

5. Vacancy Mode

6. Time Delay

7. Ambient Light & Sensitivity

8. Conclusion

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Why Adjust a Motion Sensor?

Though many manufacturers give a default setting which starts working right after the motion sensor installation, it's better to adjust it as per your need. For example, if the time delay of your motion sensor default setting is 1 minute, you can further lower it and You can also adjust the ambient light value which can reduce the energy consumption and a timely operation. Adjusting your motion sensor also helps in avoiding accidental turn-off and turn-on of lights.

How to Adjust Motion Sensor Light Switch?

Most conventional or classic motion sensor switches have auxiliary buttons or toggles which are used for altering and adjusting the settings. Usually, these buttons or toggles for customization are kept under the cover for compactness. So, you need to remove the cover plate of the sensor light switch to adjust the settings. But removing this cover multiple times may cause looseness.

However these days the sensor switches are coming with innovative designs where we can just touch the buttons on the surface without needing to remove and fix any cover. So by short press and press and hold, you can customize the whole unit. Though these may vary from brand to brand, sure the modern way is much simpler than the previous way.

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Motion Detection Modes

There are generally 2 modes of operation in your motion sensor wall switch in which you can select any one. They are:

Occupancy Mode

The switch with this mode is called an occupancy sensor switch. This is an automatic switch that turns on the light when it detects the motion and keeps it turn on as long as the motion is being detected and turns off when the motion detector cannot see the people moving. The occupancy mode is a well-thought design and is good enough to take care of the automatic operations for all kinds of places like offices, kitchens, hallways, etc. They can also be used in security lights.

Vacancy Mode

The switch with this mode is called a vacancy sensor switch. In this mode, the switch has to be turned on manually. However, it turns off automatically when there is no detectable motion same as in the occupancy mode. This is widely used in commercial spaces where the current expenses are high. As it turns on only manually and there is no chance for it to turn on accidentally, it is more energy-efficient and so cost-effective.

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Time Delay

Even after people left the room the light will not turn off instantly, it keeps the light turned on for some time for people to come in and out, if they are into any activity. So this time is called time delay. You can set it as per your priority from 15 seconds to 30 minutes.

Ambient Light & Sensitivity

Apart from these, you can also set the light sensor value ranging between 15LUX to 35LUX as per the amount of ambient light you need in your space. And also sensitivity setting is one more aspect that you need to adjust for a good responsive function of the sensor.


It is not only important but also our responsibility to take energy-saving measures which add up to a healthy environment. Apart from comfort, optimum sensor settings also help in our cost-cutting in the long run. We hope our blog on How to adjust a motion sensor light switch helps you efficiently light your living spaces.

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