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How to Connect SolarEdge Inverter to Wifi? - PartsXP

how to connect solaredge inverter to wifi

If you connect your SolarEdge inverter to a monitoring portal account via wifi, you can monitor its performance remotely. Want to know how to connect SolarEdge inverter to wifi? Make it a simple undertaking and more straightforward by following the below steps. This guide describes how to connect your SolarEdge device to a home network by using WPS.

How to Connect SolarEdge Inverter to Wifi?

Read the steps below to know how to connect SolarEdge to wifi.

  • Wifi Protected Setup (WPS) is a system built into modern broadband routers which allow the pairing of devices without the need for a password entry.
  • If your network uses a router with WPS push button security, you can check the separate procedure.
  • If your broadband router doesn't have this WPS feature, you need to enter the network password using the internal user buttons of the SolarEdge inverter. To perform this, you need to remove the inverter's cover.
  • Find the LCD button on your inverter model and refer to the steps below to know how to use it.
    • Press the LCD button for one second to scroll down to the next menu option.
    • Long press the button to select the option or item.
    • Select the Exit button to exit the setup mode in each submenu screen. Or, wait until the device exit from setup mode automatically, if no buttons are pressed for more than two minutes.

One has to perform these steps after a broadband router change or network's password change.

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To connect using WPS:

Initially, you should verify that your inverter's ON/ OFF switch is in OFF mode.

Press and hold down the LCD light button for about five seconds and then release it. When releasing, the main menu displayed as

  • Optimizers pairing
  • Language <eng>
  • Communication
  • Maintenance
  • Information
  • Exit

Scroll down and select the "Communication" submenu and select it. Depending on the device and configuration, some of the menu items may vary.

Next, select the Server submenu and then scroll down to the WiFI option and select it.

If Wifi Conf <N/A> appears on the screen, it indicates that the Wifi module is not installed properly. If your router supports the WPS feature, you can connect without entering a password.

You have to select WPS mode, then you can see the Waiting message on display.

Locate the WPS button on your wireless router. Push and hold the button down until the LED lights up.

Now, check that the message has changed to Connected on the SolarEdge inverter LCD.

If it is connected, you can exit setup mode. Otherwise, you need to connect it to a specific network from a list by following the below steps.

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To connect without WPS:

  • Ensure that the inverter ON/ OFF switch is OFF.
  • Next, disconnect the AC power supply to the inverter by turning off the circuit breaker or isolator.
  • You need to wait for five minutes for the capacitors to discharge.
  • Now, open the SolarEdge inverter's six Allen screws and carefully pull the cover horizontally before lowering it. You should not touch the uninsulated wires when you removed the cover.
  • Turn the power ON to the inverter.
  • On the LCD menu, go through Communication> Server> Wi-Fi. Select Communication> Wi-Fi Conf> Scan Networks. Wait until you get the networks.
  • You have to select the required network from the available list.
  • Enter the security key up to 20 characters if required. A short press scroll gives the alphanumeric list and a long press selects the required character and moves on the space.
  • When you entered the security key, long-press the Enter button to accept the password. Now, the system will start the connection process. This connection time may take up to 30 seconds after the Connected message is displayed on the LCD for five seconds.
  • Attach the inverter cover back carefully and tighten the six Allen screws with a torque of 0 N*m/6.6 lb*ft.
  • Turn your inverter’s ON/ OFF switch to ON mode. Your SolarEdge inverter system is now connected to the wifi network.

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Final Words

Our guide on how to connect SolarEgde inverter to wifi will help you to make your job easy. If you are unable to connect, you can refer to the SolarEdge's manual. Otherwise, contact a professional. Hope you are enjoying your inverter's remote monitoring. When you need to buy a new SolarEdge inverter, you can buy from our PartsXP store online.

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