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How To Install Cree LED Headlights?

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Cree is a leading manufacturer of LED components. There is a significant amount of research and development that has gone into the design of their products which reflects in their energy-efficient function. With its deeper expertise, it offers lighting products for various applications. From studio equipment to automobile headlights their high-performance LEDs have been used in many domains.

Automobiles usually come with halogen bulbs fixed in their headlights. Though they emit pretty good light, many feel that there is still room for improvisation. So, here is the stepwise procedure of how to install Cree LED headlights.

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Cree LED Headlights Installation

Types of Headlights

There are many types of headlights that we see and use in various automobiles. Each has its unique functionality. The most popular types of bulbs used in headlights are:

Halogen Light

The halogen bulbs have filament inside them usually made of tungsten and there is halogen gas around them. When current passes through the filament it gets heated and emits light. Generally, this light is colored and rarely white. An important point to note is that using colored lights for automobile headlights is dangerous and illegal.

Xenon Light

Xenon bulbs are high-intensity discharge bulbs that come in the category of filamentless bulbs. In these the electricity directly passes through the xenon gas which causes the emitting of light. These lights are known for their luminosity. Their illumination is broad and thus lightens up more space. In automobiles, this helps in enhanced path visibility.

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LED Light

LED lights operate in a different way altogether. In the LED lights the electricity passes through a semiconductor or a diode which emits bright white light. They generate a lot less heat than the halogen lights and work with 90% more efficiency. As they generate less heat they last longer than other types of lights.

Unlike other lights, LEDs won't burn out. But they do get dim over with the use. With all these pros comes a con that LEDs are much pricier than the halogen and xenon gas types. Though many opt for them as they are worth the price.

Installation of Cree LED Headlights

To change the halogen headlight into a LED one, changing the bulb inside alone is not sufficient. The reflectors around the bulb also play an important role. As we said earlier the LEDs won't heat up as much as halogen ones but they do heat the objects around. So installing appropriate reflectors is advised.

To start the installation process, first you have to purchase the right model of Cree LED that fits your automobile. You can use your automobile user's manual to check the technical parameters and dimensions of your current headlights. Then by comparing them to Cree light models, select the appropriate LED light.

After that unscrew the present headlight screws that are holding the whole setup in the slot. Then carefully pull the headlight out of the slot. Now you will find the wires that are connected to the setup. Unplug those wires and set the headlight free.

Now slowly rotate the knob of the halogen bulb to remove it from the setup. Then place your new Cree LED in the same place from where you have removed the old bulb. Fix it properly in the slot. Then you should attach the unplugged wires. Usually, there will be three wires one is a high beam and one is for a low beam and the third one is for the ground.

So, after fixing the wires to the bulb, you can place the set up into the headlight slot of your automobile and fix the screws back. Once the installation is done check its function by switching on the headlight and changing from high beam to low beam. If you find any difficulty always go through the Cree’s installation manual.

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So, whether it's your car or a bike, installing a Cree LED headlight to your automobile makes the ride feel piercing. It gives a completely new look to the vehicle. It is very energy efficient and has only a minimal load on the battery or the dynamo. So, we hope our post on the installation of the Cree headlight helps you in making your night rides safe and night roads shiny!




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