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How To Make a Motion Sensor Light Stay On?

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Motion sensor lights are great for saving energy and making our lives easier. To save energy and reduce electricity waste, they can automatically turn on the light when they detect motion from people or moving objects in the area and turn it off when they leave and the detecting zone is empty. A motion sensor light operates automatically, but what if you want to keep it on? Here’s the blog on How to make a motion sensor light stay on?

Why Do We Want the Light to Be Left On?

Motion sensor lights are meant to switch off automatically if no motion is detected after a certain timer has expired. For example, if you set a 20-minute timer, your light will stay on for another 20 minutes after the area is empty with no individuals to provide steady illumination.

Despite having an adjustable time delay range of 30 seconds to 30 minutes, the motion sensor light is suitable for the majority of usage cases. For a better experience, we still require the light to remain on all the time in specific instances.

How to make a motion sensor light stay on?

We now know that there is a significant need often for a motion sensor light to remain on. And it's annoying that after "upgrading" all of our lights to more complex motion-activated lights, we have to give up the advantage of a standard light that can stay on forever by just leaving the switch on. So, how do we keep a motion sensor light illuminated?

There are three ways you can keep a motion sensor light on. Add a bypass switch to power the light independently, fast turn the motion sensor ON & OFF to get the sensor stuck at the ON position, or use a motion sensor light switch with an ON/OFF option to keep indoor lights on.

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To bypass the sensor, hardwire a switch.

You may hardwire an extra light switch parallel to the motion sensor to power the light independently and therefore bypass the motion sensor. This manner, the light may be powered by both the motion sensor and the light switch's hot wires. To power the light, add an extra light switch.You may just turn on the switch to keep the light on. The light is now powered directly from the switch's line through hotwire. It makes no difference whether the motion sensor detects motion or not. The light will stay ON as long as you leave the switch ON.

A light that is linked to a motion detector

If your motion sensor light is a mix of a motion detector and a conventional light, adding a switch is rather simple because the wiring is visible.

Choose a switch from your house that is not in the path of the sensor and the light, then link the switch's output hotwire to the input of your light (which is also connected to the motion sensor's output). It's as easy as that. The motion sensor and manual switch are now connected in series, and both may power the light.

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Make use of a Motion Sensor Switch with an On/Off Switch.

If your indoor motion-activated lighting arrangement is a light fixture controlled by an occupancy or vacancy wall switch, I propose using a motion sensor switch with an ON/OFF mode directly. Using the ON mode activated, you can leave the light on indefinitely and turn it off with the OFF mode, much like a regular light switch.

You can turn off the switch to return the light to motion-detecting mode. The light is now powered only by the motion detector. When the motion sensor detects a valid motion signal, it will give power to the light to turn it on and will switch off the electricity when the space is empty and no people are there. 


So, this is how you make the motion sensor light stay on. Though it is not recommended to use these methods unless needed because they deny the purpose of the motion sensor itself. It is best to let the motion sensor as its made for cause it saves a lot of wastage of electricity.


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