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How To Replace Battery On Ecobee Sensor?

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Ecobee sensor is a smart motion sensor and can be paired with a smart thermostat that monitors the environment inside your home and automatically adjusts the temperature based on what's happening inside. If you're away from home, it'll let you know if something happens and set the right temperature based on your schedule. You can even program it to turn off lights and appliances automatically.

If you're like most people, you probably don't give the battery in your sensor much thought. However, it might be annoying when that battery starts to fail. The good news is that it's a really simple process to change your Ecobee battery. This post will walk you through the quick and easy process of how to replace battery on Ecobee sensor.

What exactly is the Ecobee Sensor?

This is an add-on device that may be used in conjunction with the Ecobee smart thermostat. The Ecobee smart sensor senses movement as well as temperature in a space. This data will be sent back to the smart thermostat, which will adjust the temperature in a specific room based on your preferences.

For added comfort, you may place these sensors throughout your house. You will also be able to position them in areas that are too chilly or too hot to provide a more balanced temperature throughout the home.

How long does an Ecobee Sensor Battery typically last?

It is challenging to provide a specific response to this question since it relies on a variety of variables, including the Ecobee sensor model, the sensor's age, how frequently it is used, and the batteries that are being used. However, in general, the batteries in most Ecobee sensors last for several years before they need to be changed.


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What is a Low Battery Alert from an Ecobee?

When a user's Ecobee device's battery is getting low, a warning is delivered to them called an Ecobee low battery alert. This alert can be delivered through push notification, text message, or email. The alert makes it possible for the user to continue using their gadget uninterrupted by knowing when to change the batteries in it. So, here are steps involved in the Ecobee battery replacement.

1. Disconnect the power cord from the Ecobee sensor.

2. Remove the back cover of the Ecobee sensor by gently prying it off from the sides.

3. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the four screws holding the back cover to the body of the Ecobee.

4. Once the back cover is removed, slide out the two halves of the circuit board.

5. Using tweezers, carefully pull out the battery and place it in a plastic bag.

6. Insert the new CR2032  battery which almost all the Ecobee sensors use into the battery compartment.

7. Replace the bottom cover.

8. Reconnect the wires to the battery compartment.

9. Replace the back cover over the circuit board.

10. Reattach the four screws holding the cover to the body of the Ecobee.

11. Connect the power cord to the Ecobee sensor again.

12. Turn the sensor on.

13. Wait 30 seconds before turning it off again.

14. You should now see the green LED indicator lighting up.

15. Turn on the Ecobee sensor and wait until you hear the chime sound indicating that the sensor is working properly.

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Hence, this is how to change the battery of your Ecobee sensor in a simple way. It is always better to equip your sensor with a good battery as it saves a lot of electricity daily. So, we hope our blog helps you in changing the battery of your Ecobee and make it new again!

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