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How to Reset Cree Smart Bulb? - PartsXP

how to reset cree smart bulb

The best way to smarten up your home is to replace the regular lights with smart LED bulbs. The setting up of these smart LEDs is an easy task and quick operation. However, from time to time errors may occur so that you will have to return to the application to reset or troubleshoot. If you need to reset Cree smart LED bulb, then try these simple steps that may help you to get started. Take a look at this post to know how to reset Cree smart bulb.

How to Reset Cree Smart Bulb?

Method I

  • Start with the bulb turned off.
  • Turn ON your smart bulb and you have to wait for two seconds.
  • Next, turn OFF your bulb.
  • Again wait for a few seconds.

You have to repeat the above steps 1 to 4 times until your LED light blinks once. The light blinking indicates that it has been reset. It may happen when you complete the third full ON and OFF cycle. Simply, the bulb should blink at the fourth time you turn the bulb ON. It will only dim for a second attempting indicating that it has been factory reset.

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Method II

  • Turn ON the smart bulb and wait about for a second. Then, turn the bulb to OFF.
  • You need to wait for two seconds.
  • Turn ON the LED, wait for a second and then turn it OFF.
  • Wait for two seconds.
  • Again turn ON the bulb, wait for one second and turn it OFF.
  • Wait for two seconds.
  • Turn the bulb to ON, wait about a second. Turn it OFF and wait for 2 seconds.
  • Again turn ON the LED. Now, your bulb must blink to indicate that it has been reset, and then turn OFF the bulb immediately.

If your bulb fails to reset, you can refer to the setup guide of the manufacturer. There, you can get more information that may help you.

Cree LED Bulb Installation Instructions

Here, we can see the installation instructions of Cree LED lighting that helps you to avoid installation issues.

You can use four compatible hubs to connect your Cree LED bulb. They are Wink Hub, WeMo Link, SmartThings Hub, and other Zigbee certified hubs.  As there are different installation instructions depends on the compatible hub, you need to follow accordingly. Here, we are giving about Wink installation instructions.

Wink compatible hub requires a wifi network connected with a router using WPA-PSK or open security.

Plug the Wink hub into an outlet. Now, the hub will turn on. If the light on the hub begins to flashing purple, you need to notify that the hub is ready to connect.

  • On your mobile, download the Wink app. Open the app and tap on "Add a Product".
  • You need to select the Wink Hub from the product list.
  • View the video about connecting the Wink hub. After viewing the video, tap on the Next button.
  • Enable Bluetooth and Wifi on your mobile. Enter the WiFi network name and password and then tap "Share WiFi". Now, the Wink hub light will flash yellow that indicates it is connecting to your WiFi network.
  • When the hub is connected, the Wink app will display "Success" and the light on the hub will change to solid blue.
  • You can give a name to your Wink Hub or tap done to exit setup.

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Pairing the Connected Cree LED Bulb in the Wink App

  • You have to install a single Connected Cree LED bulb in a lamp or light fixture. The switch to the fixture or lamp should be at the OFF position during this time.
  • Now, open the Wink application on your mobile and tap on "Add a Product or the Plus symbol".
  • You need to select your lights from the product list.
  • Select Cree Light Bulb from the lights list.
  • The Wink app guides you through a series of steps. The first step is installing the connected Cree bulb in a lamp/ fixture if needed.
  • The light on the hub will flash blue when ready to add your connected LED bulb.
  • Now, turn ON the connected Cree LED bulb.
  • When the bulb is connected, the app will display "Success" and the light on hub will show solid green quickly and then stop flashing.
  • After completion of the connection, give a name and tap Done.

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Connected Cree LED bulb resetting is also similar to other smart bulb resetting. But, the timing is different. However, we hope this post on how to reset Cree smart bulb helped you to make your job easier. For further more assistance, you can refer to the Cree manual.

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