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marketair roughinbox installation

MarketAir introduced RoughinBox to the mini split and VRF installation market. It is a sturdy plastic terminal box designed for expediting the rough-in of line sets, construction hoses, and electrical or communication cabling for wall-mounted mini-split and VRF evaporator installation. If you want to do Marketair Roughinbox installation, take these instructions as a reference to complete it simply.

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RoughinBox which is introduced by MarketAir is an innovative, less installation cost method for roughing in VRF evaporator coil units and wall-mounted mini-split. All these models including Lineset rough in box RBX2-SD-NC and RBX3-MD-NC will reduce rough-in time by creating a central point with dedicated ports at which condensate hoses, line sets, and electrical cabling can terminate safely.

Once the Marketair Roughinbox installation, piping, and wiring are done, the surrounding area is ready for further sheetrock installation, painting as well as mini-split evaporator connection.

Marketair RoughinBox Installation

Preparing the RoughinBox

Select 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch port as needed when you are using a cable port. Now, you have to cut as X marked on the top of the port with a utility knife and push the cable through the opening. This will create an integral strain relief bushing for preventing cable from pulling out by itself.

If your box includes five lineset ports one on each end, one on the bottom, and two on top. For the bottom or top line ports, line sets from the evaporator should run from right to left so facing front of RoughinBox. You have to try always to bring linesets into the box from left to avoid difficult connection to the evaporator. Make sure that you keep lineset entry orifice as small as possible by using the cut lines available on top of the line port cap. Do not cut below the marked line as it damages the slot which retains the mounting adaptor.

Do not remove the closure cap at end of the drain outlet when you are using a condensate pump. For gravity drain, the box has a bi-directional drain outlet with 1/6" MIPT threads which offers two choices, i.e., for side discharge and bottom discharge. You can check the owner's manual to get complete details on this.

Remove all four mounting adaptors from slots at both ends of the box and invert them. So, you have to fix holes on the top face up and fixing holes on the bottom face down and replace them into the same slot.

Check brands installation instructions to find the minimum distance between evaporator and ceiling and you can note these dimensions on studs. Generally, the recommended minimum dimension between baseline and ceiling is 20 inches. Later, position the mini split rough in new construction box correctly with evaporator and mark studs accordingly.

If studs are metal, you need to determine which end of the box will face the open side of the stud. Also, extend mounting adaptors on that end to their full length of 1 1/8 inches so that they reach the stud to touch flat surface and lock them into the position. If studs are wood, you no need to extend the mounting adaptors and can use them for fixing.

Install Lineset and Cable

First, line up the RoughinBox base with the mark on the studs. Insert the box in between the studs and attach it in place by using the four integral mounting brackets. Moreover, rear face of the mini split rough in a box should be flush with the rear stud surface to ensure that the front face of the box protrudes 1/2 inch from front stud surface. Make sure to check that the box baseline never be the bottom of the evaporator.

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Cut around faceplate only along top and bottom side edges. You have to cut the bottom edge partially so it will form a hinge for the faceplate to fold down and access to the interior. Cut inwards from corners only.

Insert minimum 12" of lineset through a selected port. Insert cable also but leave 48" slack to reach the terminal block in the evaporator.

Install Evaporator

Now, you can know how to install an evaporator.

By using two plastic clips provided in the kit, you have to close off the aperture by refitting the faceplate which remains in place until the sheetrock and painting are completed. You can attach 4 optional making pins onto each corner of the front surface of the box to facilitate marking the position of the RoughinBox before the installation of sheetrock.

Next, attach vertical or horizontal drain line as required to drain outlet and connect the balance of drainage system to ensure the drain is completely clear, all joints are watertight, and drain slope is sufficient.

Now, cut along the bottom hinge and remove the faceplate completely to expose the cable and lineset. You need to discard the faceplate when using gravity drain.

Find the correct position of the evaporator and install it. If the evaporator bracket requires further fixing to wall, you can insert plastic bracket support into the interior slot at bottom and top of the box.

We recommend you that prefer the direct connection between the evaporator drain hose and drain outlet in box. Otherwise, remove plastic drain hose nipple and cut evaporator drain hose down to the required length. Next, insert it loosely into a sloped drainage pump.

If you used a pump for the faceplate, condensate removal, and detachment, you have to provide a mounting bracket for the pump. Now, you need to mount the pump onto faceplate with screws and slide it into the internal slots provided along the bottom of the box back and front faces to lock into place. Next, connect and wire pump as per the manufacturer instructions.

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Final Words:-

Marketair Roughinbox Installation is simple when you follow the correct rules. However, you should consider manufacturer instructions sometimes to do it safely. Hope you feel good about our blog. You can leave a message in the below comment box for further queries.

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