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A motion sensor light switch is different from a normal light switch in both design and functionality, but most importantly, the most fundamental distinction between them is the use of a motion sensor to detect movement and automatically turn on the light in a specific area. The motion-sensor lights are there to keep your property safe and secure. Read our guide on motion sensor light switch reviews to avoid the confusion of buying sensor switches.

A detectable difference triggers the minicomputer housed in the detector to activate the switch. To prevent nuisance switching, the computer ignores slow changes in room temperature due to sunlight. Having a sensor-activated lighting system installed on your property will let you be worry-free about stepping in the dark again.The sensor uses a photo-detector, which converts light at certain wavelengths into an electrical current.

What Is Motion Sensor Light Switch?

Light switches equipped with a motion sensor ensure that the light in the room is most effective while a person enters and turns off after the man or woman has left. Those mild switches use ultrasound or infrared to discover movement from across the room and light it up faster than you can turn a conventional transfer.

Types Of Sensors

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Active and passive are two types of sensors that are different in effectiveness and operation speed. The motion sensor light switch depends highly on the type of sensor installed in it.

Active Sensor

Active sensors send out sound waves that bounce off humans and gadgets inside the room and then return them to the switch. If any change in the speed or pattern of returning sound waves, then triggers the switch to turn on the light. If no change is observed after a certain time, then it turns off the light.

Passive Sensor

Passive sensor detectors that use pyroelectricity to determine the heat of the frame can detect heat emitted by humans and animals. If the sensor detects heat, it triggers the switch to turn on. If the sensor detects no frame heat after a certain amount of time, it triggers the transfer to turn off. To avoid unintended triggers from daylight, the sensor’s sensitivity permits it to ignore gradual changes in heat.

Types Of Sensor Switches

Lutron Maestro Motion Sensor Light Switch

Lutron is a very famous brand for electrical home equipment, including switches and lights. Lutron primarily manufactures devices such as the motion-sensor light switch, which transforms your house into a smart home. It's miles of wall-mounted light transfer that provides automated operation based on when you walk in and out of the room. primarily based on the XCT sensing technology, it is also able to detect extra sports, inclusive of typing, analyzing, and so on, for stronger performance.

Lutron is a well-known US-based producer of light control merchandise that are available worldwide, and because it has more than 50 years of expertise in building businesses and home-based totally light systems.

Leviton Decora OSSMD-GDW

Leviton, a more than century-old US-based totally company, has a lot of experience building dependable electrical wiring device (it is the largest privately-owned manufacturer in the United States of America), and, to keep up with the times, the manufacturer has also tried its hand at developing clever light switches. 


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Daylight Sensing

This option will allow the sensor to assess the ambient lighting level within the room. The light is then turned on or off depending on the precise lighting fixture level. While there is ambient light in the room, the sensor will not activate the switch to turn on the light. All you need to do is personalise the sensitivity of those daylight-hour sensors via their dials.


Most movement-sensor lights no longer feature dimmers. There are, however, strong point models with dimmer functionality. These switches have a movement detector and a paddle transfer that controls the dimming.

Motion Sensitive

Many motion-sensor light switches offer sensitivity settings that permit the consumer to fine-tune the level of movement that triggers the light.


A warranty on any product can be a guarantee toward its longevity, reliability, and sturdiness. Some motion sensor light transfer models come with a 1-12 month warranty, while others have a 2, 3, or 5-year warranty. However, some brands provide a lifetime guarantee on their products.

Final Words

While buying a motion sensor light switch, you will have to consider a lot of things that will help you pick the best option within your budget. We hope our guide helps you get useful information about buying motion sensor light switches.

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