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Oldcastle has been an industry leader in the market of infrastructure materials for years. They supply brick and concrete products for the constructions. The brick, concrete, and stone pavers they produce are of various designs and models. Whether it's a lawn in your house or a parking space or walkways in the parks and gardens, Oldcastle has a lot of paver variants to choose from. They give the spaces a special and attractive look. 

Here is the detailed description below that helps you install Oldcastle pavers and to spread beauty on your scapes.

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Old Castle Pavers Installation

Layout Planning

The first step is to plan the layout where you want to install the pavers. It's better to draw the plan on a sheet of graph paper for accuracy. Then use spray paint to outline the layout as per the plan. The pavement should have a slope of 1/8 to 1/4 per foot length. The highest point of the slope should be towards the house. This sloping will avoid the pooling of water on the pavement.

Calculation of Pavers Needed

Now, measure the length and width of the layout made. Multiply them to get the area of the layout to be paved. Then you should divide this area with the area that will be covered by an individual paver. This will give us the pavers count we need for the pavement installation. Add a little more pavers to the count which will be useful for the edges and curves.


In this step, measure the highest point and lowest point of the slope as per mentioned ratio and tie the strings attaching them both. Now, we can dig the whole space to the depth along the strings. Also, keep in mind the height that will be taken by the sand bedding and pavers and dig accordingly.

Base Material

Now once we are done with the excavation, we should start laying the base material. Usually, it is crushed rock, such as 3/4 minus gravel. It has various sizes of rocks with sharp edges and is a good compact for the pavement. The crushed gravel should be spread and compacted on the layout keeping the gradual slope in mind.

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Edge Restraints

Now, it's time to install edge restraints. These will help to put the pavers in place otherwise the pavers at the edge will move as we use and may slip when it rains. They can be made of  Oldcastle precast concrete, metal, or wood.

Sand Bedding

A layer of sand bedding needs to be laid on the compacted base material before laying the pavers. The level of this sand bedding is usually one inch high above the base material. Pour the sand and spread it across to the height of one inch. This sand bedding will give a grip to the pavers and prevents them from slipping. Consult the material supplier for the right kind of sand.

Laying Pavers

Lay the pavers in the design you have planned earlier. Put them close together without leaving gaps. Use the diamond saw or mechanical splitter to cut the pavers if needed. Always use the safety gear to avoid injury. Once the pavers are laid, use the mechanical plate compactor to make them fit into the bedding.

Sand Joints

In this step, we will spread fine sand and sweep it across the floor. Then this sand fills the gaps at the joints and makes the pavers fit tight together. This job should be done when the area is dry.


Now, you should clean the whole area to remove the excess joint sand that is there after filling the joints properly. Seal the area with the sand binding sealant. This will make sure that the sand in the joints will not come out and disappear due to gradual use. This will also prevent the growth of grass in between the joints.

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Usually, in the case of pavers, the maintenance is very little. We just have to sweep and clean the floor regularly to remove everyday dust. But, it is recommended to reseal the pavers once in a while. This will make sure the sand in the joints will not come and spread all over the pavement.


The Oldcastle manufactures brick, concrete, and stone pavers of various designs and models from which you can pick. Especially their stone pavers give a good antique look to your spaces. Hope you are clear with the procedure of how to install old castle pavers on your own, after going through our guide.


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