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oldcastle precast building systems

Oldcastle Building Systems are more than just a kit of precast concrete parts. It is the best choice for owners and architects to employ for the whole design as well as the construction of residential buildings. Oldcastle Precast systems designed for various applications in residential markets multi-family, hotels, students housing, senior residences, and more. Since its establishment, Oldcastle has been a leader in the precast industry, bringing quality to the design, manufacture & construction of enduring and flexible building material. Continue to read this for getting more on Oldcastle products and building systems.

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Oldcastle Precast Building Systems Features and Benefits

Residential building systems of Oldcastle infrastructure can adapt to several residential hall types such as suites, dormitories, studios, apartments, and couple hoses. Also, this system can customize in appearance to create a specific image for the structure or to blend with any existing building architectural style.

Oldcastle precast concrete is one of the most sustainable building materials available in the market. Moreover, these building system components allow for rapid design, engineering, production, and erection of total structures.

Oldcastle Building Structures

Utility Infrastructure

At Oldcastle infrastructure, they understand your quick, safe, and sustainable shelter solutions. Each shelter is made with steel-reinforced precast concrete and engineered to meet your requirements. Also, these shelters are available in a wide variety of standards as well as custom dimensions to fit your needs.

Oldcastle infrastructure equipment shelters and vaults are designed for rapid installation & deployment and long term security service. Oldcastle has the product line of above and below-ground vaults and shelters. The company developed precast solutions in the range from 50 sf to more than 3500 sf.

Also, this infrastructure offers insulated precast concrete wall panels to use in many exteriors, interior, non-load, and load-bearing building applications. These will provide a professional finished look and increased thermal properties. Old castle wall panels are available in a variety of sizes to meet various application needs.

Correctional Facilities

Oldcastle precast correctional building systems are designed to extend and protect your facility. These correctional sells provide you unlimited layout choices from simple additions to cluster modules. Oldcastle correctional facilities can be used for state, federal, local, and military prisons or jails.

Mission Critical Categories & Secures Facilities

Oldcastle precast mission-critical facility project ensures the building enhances the operational capabilities of an organization. Also, helps government officials to take the best possible decisions when it comes to updating aging infrastructure like new building design or renovating an existing building. It has expensive ranges from master planning and concept through planning, programming, and design. Keeping the on-premise and remote sites secure and maintenance as well with them.

Residential and Commercial Development

Commercial and residential building projects require critical components that can stand the test of time as cities continue to expand the construction. This Oldcastle infrastructure offers a wide variety of building materials from the structural framework to fully developed ancillary components such as beams, walls, columns, flooring, staircases, and landings. Now, you can see here about a few components.

Hollowcore - Hollowcore plank designed and manufactured for use in commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional applications. It is available with different finishes for both floor and roof applications. The main features of the hollow-core are higher durability, longer spend, and increased fire ratings. These slabs are engineered with standard thickness and width as per every application's needs.

Retaining Walls - Oldcastle infrastructure concrete blocks used for building retaining walls. With their tongue and groove design, they fit together which reduces movement as they are stacked together. You can use ecology blocks as a permanent structure. These blocks are available in various sizes that meet several applications. Ecology blocks can be used as divider walls to create storage bays for material like aggregates. Additionally, they work as emergency protective barriers as they quickly deployed and disassemble quickly if needed.

Sight and Sound Walls - Oldcastle infrastructure sound walls help you to reduce the perceived noise. Precast sound walls are durable, available with textures on both sides, and easy to install.

Solid Slabs - Precast concrete solid slabs are flexible for use in a variety of foundation and flooring applications.

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Oldcastle Precast concrete wall panels are available in various colors, patterns, and textures. The company offers retaining walls, security walls, sight, and sound walls, and structural wall panels to meet your application needs.

Many Oldcastle Precast locations are there worldwide. So, you can purchase the Oldcastle products from anywhere globally.

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