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types of reliance home protectors

Reliance Controls introduced new and affordable innovative products called home protectors. These Reliance home protectors permit you to monitor your home or cabin for power outages, temperature drops, flooding, and other problems caused by power outages and equipment failure. In this post, we will explain you more details on this affordable line such as types of Reliance home protectors, features, etc.

Types of Reliance Home Protectors

  • Reliance monitoring systems are designed to provide an early warning with alarms or phone calls. You will get this warning when there are problems related to power, freezing, and flood in your home or cabin.
  • Security alarms are for home and personal use as well.
  • Portable alarms are introduced for windows, doors, gates, offices, and hotels.
  • Definitely, you will experience peace of mind with these Reliance Home Protectors.

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THP201 - Three Sensor Home Monitoring System

It is a phone-out home warning system for power failure, freezer, and flooding. THP201 is a feature-packed and low-cost system. It automatically calls up to three phone numbers of your choice when temperature drop below 45 degrees F, power failures or flooding occurs in your home while you are away.

A clear voice message identifies the type of problem. This system has many features including remote response capability, remote water sensor and FCC approved.

THP202 - Two Sensor Home Monitoring System

  • This is a power failure and freeze home monitoring system.
  • It monitors homes, cottages, outbuildings, businesses, cabins, etc.
  • Alert calls up to 3 different phone numbers of your choice when there is power failure or freezing conditions occurred.
  • The freeze warning activates at 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • No special wiring is required for installation.
  • FCC approved.
  • Voice message helps to identify problems clearly.

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THP203 - Wireless Flood/ Freeze Warning Flasher

  • THP203 has features as follows:
  • The remote sensor detects unwanted water or temperatures falling below 40 degrees F.
  • Flasher can receive signal up to 120 feet open space.
  • The sensor transmits to a bright flasher or receiver to alert neighbors.
  • This flasher can link with additional sensors or flashers to monitor multiple areas or rooms.
  • To work, it requires 3 AA batteries and one 9V battery.

THP205 - Sump Pump Alarm and Flood Alert

This is a 105dB super loud alarm that allows you to suspend a weighted sensor at any level in a sump pump crock to monitor the rising water levels or pump failure.

You can also use this remote sensor for bathtubs, water heaters, washing machines and more.

THP206 - Phone-In Flood Checker

The flood checker lets you call into your home or cabin from anywhere for checking the flooding conditions. You just connect the flood checker to any telephone system.

Place the water sensor where you want to monitor unwanted water. Then, simply call-in to check for flooding. If there is no issue, the phone will continue to ring. A tone on the line indicates that there is water present.

Plugs into any phone jack or the existing phone line that is compatible with answering matches and other monitoring systems. This system will work without batteries.

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THP217 - Automatic Phone-Out Freeze Monitor

When temperatures drop below 42 degrees F, the system automatically calls up to 5 programmed phone numbers. Plug the keypad base into a phone line and electrical outlet. It's internal temperature sensor continually monitors your cottage or home. Other features include:

  • Quick plug-in installation.
  • Determines the temperature problem with a tone alarm.
  • LCD display available for easy programming.
  • Built-in 110dB alarm.
  • Flash memory to save programmed data.
  • Battery back-up.

THP208 - Phone-In Freeze Checker

THP208 freeze checker lets you call into your home to check the freezing conditions. Connect the freezer checker to any telephone system. Then, call-in for low or falling temperatures. Your phone will continue to ring when there is no problem in your home or cabin.

A tone on the line indicates that there is a low temperature. You need to choose from three temperature activation settings:  40º, 46º, or 52ºF. No batteries are required. Plugs into any phone jack.

Final Words

Above are the home protectors by Reliance. In this post, we have updated about a few home protectors. But, there are many other Reliance Controls home protectors. You can check the details on the remaining systems on the Reliance Controls website or manual.

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