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reliance pb 30 installation

Reliance PB30 power inlet box is an outdoor or watertight electrical inlet for a 30 Amp L14-30 generator cord. It is designed to be located outdoors where the generator is running to prevent harmful fumes from a generator to safely enter inside the house. This Reliance Controls power inlet box is then safely hardwired to the transfer switch or panel directly through an outside wall and eliminates the need for cords running through doors or windows. Here is how to install a Reliance PB 30 power inlet box.

Reliance PB30 Installation Process

Know how to install a remotely located Reliance Controls power inlet box for supplying power to the power inlet of a transfer switch.

Installing Reliance Power Inlet Box

  • You need to mount the Reliance power inlet box on the outside of the building in a convenient location. By using the three-holed given in the back of the cabinet, you need to mount the power inlet box.
  • Using copper wire and approved wiring methods, run the wiring through one of the knockouts in the cabinet to a junction box which is located near the transfer switch or panel.
  • If there is a conduit, you have to pull at least three color-coded wires. Use white for neutral and two other distinguishing colors, i.e., black and red for the 240 volts line. If not using conduit or if otherwise required, you need to include a green wire as a separate ground wire.
  • Strip the wire insulation 5/8" and connect the wires in the power inlet box as follows:
    • Make sure that no wire insulation is present in any terminal.
    • The inlet terminal screws are secured to 20-inch pounds torque.
    • 240V line wires to the brass terminals markets "X and Y".
    • White wire to the nickel-plated neutral terminal marked as "W".
    • Green power inlet wire to the green ground screw terminal on the inside of the cabinet.
    • Green wire to the green ground screw terminal on the cabinet inside.

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Installing a Junction Box and Cord Connector

If your Reliance transfer switch or panel is provided with a power inlet for cord connection, it will be necessary to install a junction box with an attached cord and cord connector of a configuration that mates with the power inlet.

  • The cord assembly from the junction box to the transfer switch power inlet is to be made of a four-conductor cord suitable for 30 Amp load.
  • The insulation on each of the wires is colored to identify with the standardized coding in plugins and receptacles. The wire colors are usually green, white, and red.
  • You need to connect one end of the cord to the wires in the junction box and another end will be connected to a NEMA type L14-30C connector which will mate with the power inlet on the transfer switch face.
  • Now, remove one junction box knockout and insert a cord grip and the cord.
  • You have to connect the wires in the junction box as follows:
    • Red and black cord wires to 240-volt line wires from the power inlet box.
    • White cord wire to the white neutral wire from the power inlet box.
    • Green cord wire to junction box ground screw.
    • Green wire from power inlet box to junction box ground screw if required.
  • Wire the L14-30C connector as follows:
    • Red and black wires to the brass terminals marked "X" and "Y".
    • White wire to the nickel-plated neutral terminal marked "W".
    • Green wire to the green ground terminal marked "G".

It is not necessary to detach the connector from the transfer switch when a generator is not in use. You can leave it in place all times for convenience.

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For installing a remotely located power inlet box to connect directly to a hardwire transfer switch or panel, you can follow the same procedure described above. But, in this, the wiring can be run directly to the transfer switch or panel. Wire connections are to be made at the transfer switch according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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Preparing a cord from the generator to the power inlet box

By using a four-conductor 30 Amp portable cord, connect a male plug matching the configuration of the generator outlet to one end and a NEMA type L14-30C connector to the opposite end.

Wire the generator plug and the L14-30C connector as instructions given by the manufacturer.

Final Words

I Hope, the given Reliance PB30 power inlet box installation guide helped you more. However, it's better to complete this Reliance power inlet box installation by a qualified electrician. When used to power a structure, this power inlet should be in conjunction with a transfer switch. For more assistance, check the manufacturer's manual.

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