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reliance pro tran 2 installation

When the power has gone in your area, the whole house changed instantly without lights. Things such as lights, refrigerators, motor and all stop working. So, to avoid this type of situation, Reliance Controls introduced a pro tran 2 transfer switch. If you have a generator, then just simply plug your generator and flip a few switches on it to get the normal condition. Now, we will know how to install Reliance Controls protran2 switch.

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Reliance pro tran 2 switch provides fast, safe and code approved portable power to your house electrical wiring. This is a completely prewired generator transfer switch that installs easily next to your home load center. The switch works with any type of generator that producing 8000 rated watts or less. Easy to re-configure. Moreover, it is available in 4, 6, or 10 circuit designs.

If we continue, there are many features for this product, So, no late, we have a look at our topic of Easy Steps for Reliance Protran 2 Installation.

Reliance Protran 2 Installation Guide

Before going to start the installation process, let’s have a small look at the key components of a transfer switch. Moreover, you can receive the owner’s pro Tran 2 transfer switch manual when you bought the product. So, you should refer to it once before starting the process to get a brief idea.

Circuit Breakers 

Each switch has a 15 or 20 amp push to reset the circuit breaker. It will protect the branch circuit when the circuit selector is in the GEN position and the LINE position, breaker protects each branch circuit in the load center.

Circuit Selector Switches 

These switches access you to select either generator (GEN) or utility (LINE) as the power source for the branch circuits that have been wired through the switch. Generally, the OFF position is not used, because it removed the branch circuit from both LINE and GEN position.

Handle Ties 

These are used for 240-volt circuits. Handle Ties are not necessary for 120-volt circuits.

Power Inlet

The power cord of the generator will plug into this inlet. This is supplied for indoor models separately. 

Power Inlet Filler Plate 

This can replace with a power inlet. Models without the inlet installed need a filler plate to secure the hole in the wiring compartment cover.

Wiring Compartment Cover 

It used to hardwire the unit to a remote power inlet box.

Watt Meters 

Watt meters indicate the total load. It measures in watts on each side of the generator while power supplying. 

Required Tools for Installation

  • Screwdriver
  • Electric drill
  • Wirecutter or stripper
  • Four anchors and screws
  • Hammer
  • 4 red wire connectors for the 20A and 30A hard-wire models
  • 4, 6, 8, or 10 yellow wire connectors (depending on the model)
  • Four blue wire connectors for the 50A hard-wire models

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Reliance Pro Tran 2 Transfer Switch Installation

  1. You can install the Reliance Controls transfer switch on either side of the load center.
  2. Before starting the process, you should turn off the main circuit breaker in the load center to ensure safety.
  3. Next, remove the load center cover.
  4. Locate and remove a knockout in the bottom of the load center. Use 3/4" knockout for 6-circuit models, 1/2" knockout for 4-circuit models, and 1" knockout for 8 to 10-circuit models.
  5. Now, you have to insert the wires from the flexible conduit end through the knockout. After that, attach the conduit connector securely with the provided locknut.
  6. Attach the transfer switch to the wall by using external feet. Beyond its structural capacities, do not try to bend the flexible conduit.

Wiring Transfer Switch to the Load Center

Initially, analyze which circuits will use during emergencies. You can see the residential wattage requirement chart on the side front cover of the manual. If the selected circuit is a part of a multi-wire branch circuit, make sure that the transfer switch is also connected to the other branch circuit that neutralizes.

The two circuits must be connected to the generator power's opposing phases. Moreover, a handle tie must be mounted on the handles of the switch so that both phases are transferred at the same time.

To maximize the efficiency of your generator, divide appliance circuits and others requiring higher wattage between the left and right side of the switch so that a usage balance is achieved.

Installing Transfer Switch on 120-volt Circuits

Now, we take the example on a 6-circuit transfer switch and wiring the refrigerator to switch A and furnace to switch D. For this, you have to connect the wires to critical circuits first by starting with switch A.

  1. Shut off the power of the refrigerator circuit breaker. Loosen the screw that secures the wire to the breaker. You have to disconnect the wire from the circuit breaker.
  2. Now, find the black and red wires marked with A on the transfer switch.
  3. Connect the red wire to the refrigerator selected breaker.
  4. Check out the convenient length and cut red wire A approximately. Strip around 5/8" from the end of the wire. After connecting the wire to the circuit breaker, you have to retighten the screw.
  5. Next, cut the black wire A in convenient length and align in the removed wire place which you removed initially from the fridge circuit breaker. Strip approximately 5/8 inch from the end of the wire.
  6. Insert both wires, the removed wire from the circuit breaker in step 1, and the black wire into a yellow wire connector. Twist the connector tightly and connect the wires back into the wiring compartment of the load center.

Now, it completes the reliance protran 2 installation for the refrigerator. The process is the same for furniture connection also.

240V Circuits Installing

For some models, two adjacent circuit selector switches can use for 240-volt operation. You have to use a handle tie to connect two circuit breakers.

 If there are no 240 V circuits in the installation, then handle ties on the transfer switches not needed. You can remove it. For removing, you have to position the handle tied switch to GEN. Loosen the screws and remove handle tie. When the additional handle tie is needed, add it to the adjacent pairs of switches according to the instructions provided in the manual.

  1. Find out red and black wires for the circuits with the handle tie.
  2. Turn off the double-pole breaker in the load center.
  3. Next, disconnect the wires from the circuit breakers by loosening the screws.
  4. Attach two red wires from the handle tied switches to the double pole circuit breaker.
  5. Cut the required length of red wires and strip them around 5/8". Connect these two wires to the double pole circuit breaker.
  6. Next, cut the black wires for aligning with wires removed from the circuit breaker. You need to strip each wire 5/8 inches.
  7. Insert one black wire into a yellow wire and another in the removed wire place. Tighten and push the wires into the wiring compartment of the generator (load center). Follow the same process for other wire removed from the circuit breaker and other black wire from the Reliance transfer switch.

Now, you have to complete the hardware installation and inlet installation. To get these procedures, you can check out the pro Tran 2 transfer switch manual.

After completion of wiring all the load circuits in the transfer switch, you can see only the green ground wire and white neutral wire remain.

  • Insert the neutral wire into an unused opening neutral bar in the load center and tighten the screw.
  • Next, if the ground bar exists, insert the green ground wire into that. Otherwise, insert the wire into an unused hole in the neutral bar and tighten the screw.
  • Now, replace the cover to the load center.
  • Fill in the chart on the switch to identify emergency circuits and their numbers in the load center.
  • It's the time to turn all branch circuit breakers including the main breaker in the load center.
  • Turn on all switches to the LINE position on the transfer switch. The installation process is completed.

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Installing a Reliance pro Tran 2 transfer switch is not much hard. However, better to take the help of an electrician to do it. Buy tools yourself and complete it quickly. Thank you for visiting!

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